Legal App & Sales Support

Legal App & Sales Support

Cloud computing, mobile apps, and smart server networks can help your legal practice manage your cases and keep track of your data. There’s no shortage of solutions, but any legal software or app can only be as good as its IT support and setup. How do you know it’s secure? How do you know it’s reliable? How do you find the time to train your personnel on a new application?

That’s where we come in, focusing on legal IT support, so you can focus on your clients. It’s about more than simply providing law firm software. We give you a competitive advantage by offering:

Comprehensive cyber security
The latest technology
Expert setup and continuous support
Worker on her phone in front of a laptop


  1. Ease of use
  2. Enhances the predictability of outcomes
  3. Scalable/extensible platform architecture
  4. Advanced technologies included
  5. Simple, transparent, and sustainable pricing

Consider These Benefits

Document Management Systems

Use a document management system (DMS) to control your firm’s information while allowing safe access for employees from whatever device they want.

Integrate information, standardize processes, simplify storage, customize your interface, and improve your ability to search with our DMS offering.

Document Imaging

Our document imaging services can help keep your practice’s data, and your clients’ data, backed up, secure, and confidential, helping your firm stay focused on the practice of law.

Email Archiving

Many legal practices need strong, consistent email security support. In our experience as a strategic partner, email archiving plays a large role in developing such a solution. If your practice wants automatic archiving to increase efficiency, or if you need to mandate archiving for legal compliance, we can help.

Remote Access

People rely on their mobile devices, so your practice’s technology must adapt. It’s critical to offer clients and staff mobile-friendly remote-access software. We have the security expertise to make sure your remote-access software protects your practice—and your clients—against vulnerabilities and bad actors.

Practice and Case Management

Managing cases, recording data, filing client information, logging hours accurately, billing on time, tracking your budget—these tasks pile up. Our practice management software can automate tasks, based on your preferences and needs, to improve your practice’s ability to organize and strategize.

Our team will work closely with you to build a plan that fits your goals.