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What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? The legal industry is finding out with every passing year. Law firms are a historic and essential part of maintaining a democratic society, but technological innovation happens faster than many can handle. Fortunately, we have managed IT services for lawyers that help the rock-solid legal institution keep up with the constant evolution of digital technology.

Our IT services fulfill an essential need for law firms in the digital age — time management. Your firm is responsible for maintaining so much information, and demand for expedient legal services is on the rise. Konica Minolta is here with a help desk that values your time, taking cumbersome tasks off your plate to help you meet client demand.

The Lawyer’s Help Desk™ is an exclusive legal IT support service offered through Konica Minolta.  Our engineers understand that your time matters, and they will maximize your time with fast one-on-one legal support service so you’re not spending your billable hours waiting on hold. Consider our help desk an extension of your legal practice.

The engineers on staff have supported real-world law firms so they understand the nuances of legal technology and have managed teams specializing in law firm IT support.

As part of The Lawyer’s Help Desk™, the guidebook records key processes, applications, and instructions to better manage your legal infrastructure. This tool provides our engineers with pertinent information and knowledge to swiftly and smartly fix your issue.

Did you know?

1 out of 4 law firms have been victims of a data breach
– The American Bar Association

Managed IT Services for Lawyers

Our technology professionals have the experience and knowledge to develop high-quality IT systems and programs around your law firm’s precise needs. We offer an array of services that yield both immediate and long-term benefits for lawyers and office staff. Choose us for a full suite of IT services, including:

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The world is changing, but with us, your law firm will continue to stand the test of time. Our IT services give legal teams the resources they need to compete in the digital age. Our IT services give legal teams the resources they need to compete in the digital age and continually produce favorable outcomes.