3 Reasons why Online Collaboration is Your Sales Team’s Secret Weapon

September 1, 2015


For your sales team, the Internet can be a double-edged sword. The connection between the customer and your sales team is now stronger than ever, but so is the potential for mismanaging the relationship.

The right online collaboration software can spell the difference. With more sales calls done virtually instead of face to face, online collaboration – particularly using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software – is the new status quo for sales teams and clients to reach a consensus.

A report by McKinsey & Company finds that 97 percent of businesses using collaboration software say they’re able to service more clients more efficiently, while 74 percent enjoy faster access to information and internal data. When you put CRM software to use, you’ll find your organization empowered to do the following:

Speed up and sharpen analysis

With the right CRM software, sales teams have a powerful tool for analysis at their fingertips. A Cloud-based CRM solution, such as Salesforce, can organize vital information about your company’s customers and prospects.

This information can be channeled down to all relevant team members, instead of being limited to the higher-ups. This allows them to synthesize ever-changing data to meet the challenges presented in any phase of the sales funnel, allowing them to close sales faster and better.

Manage your interactions better

A sophisticated CRM solution like Salesforce allows stakeholders to share data and, by doing so, build stronger bonds. Customer loyalty can be enhanced by social tools. Automation tools can take over time-consuming tasks, like follow-up emails and newsletters, giving your team more breathing space to deal with more pressing matters.

In the end, your CRM software should do more than just automate processes, but also help develop relationships with all stakeholders and grow the business in the long run.

Encourage collaboration between employees

Relevant information, delivered efficiently, allows team members to help each other better. With powerful CRM software  like Salesforce in place, veterans are in a better position to help younger members close a deal, share insights on past customer interactions, and knit a team together to push a tough prospect through.

CRM software, properly implemented, transforms your team from a top-down organization into a truly collaborative force, where everyone can participate and be fully invested in the results. Wherever your team members are located, they can pool their knowledge, collaborate on sales opportunities, and close sales.

All Covered, IT Services from Konica Minolta, offers a Salesforce Development Service that customizes a Salesforce solution for individual clients. When tailored to your company’s needs, online collaboration via CRM software can radically change how you interact with customers and control access to data, all for the better – generating sales and enhancing collaboration all throughout your organization. Contact us at 866-446-1133 to learn more.

Nick Pegley
Senior Vice President, Channel Sales Engagement

Nick is responsible for global go-to-market strategies for the Konica Minolta Digital Workplace business unit, with a primary focus on the innovative new Workplace Hub portfolio. His team builds new business strategies and channel models to be able to bring solutions to a broad range of customer types, to help them simplify their IT. Nick is focused on helping companies achieve their business goals through better management of information and more effective collaboration. Nick has lived and worked in the UK, Switzerland, France and the US.