Video Management Systems

Video Management Solutions

Better manage events with a video management system (VMS) that provides the flexibility to monitor cameras in multiple locations and detection/recognition alerts. Whether on premise or cloud, the VMS software offers the oversight needed to retrieve stored images (cloud, server or edge-based storage) and manage data efficiently.


Whether a small company or a global corporation at home, work or on the road, flexible access options means the entire video security network and third-party systems are connected and you are always in control.

  • Mobile client
  • Desk client
  • Web client
  • Video Wall

Our open platform supports events, analytics, add-on solutions & plug-in extensions so you can map your industry requirements with a targeted strategy.

Scale the platform to meet your needs.  With multiple levels of functionality, small businesses with fewer cameras adopt basic functionality while enterprise organizations with multiple locations and a large quantity of data streams can accommodate the volume.  All businesses get exactly what they need.


Simplify video management and storage by accessing information from one central dashboard.  Eliminate the need to install, maintain or upgrade hardware and mitigate risk due to power outages, hardware failure or cyber-attacks.

  • a cost-effective solution, especially for smaller businesses
  • easily monitor in real-time or recorded images with simple
  • secure remote access via intelligent devices
  • share footage with anyone you need to notify
  • deploy an alert system across the security team

Never be out of touch. Cloud VMS enables cameras to be networked making it easy for your security team to have the visibility they need with timely alerts so they can take actionable measures. While you will have cloud storage, you will also have an on-board SD card on every camera – that keeps recording activity, even when your network goes down.

Consider These Benefits

Operational Oversight

Monitor activity at any number of locations, as if you were there.

Cloud-Secure Storage

Securely gain access to recorded video and voice data at any time.


Storage in the cloud provides ability to review from anywhere, via your mobile device.

Server-less Video Management

No worries or expense of an on-site server or network storage.

Recording Continuity

Camera back-up with on-board SD card.

Fast Access at the Edge

Quickly store and access images with the VMS closer to the video devices.

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