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Strategies For Digitizing Paper

Digital transformation begins with digitization. Paper stored on shelves, in filing cabinets, and off-site in boxes lock in data that only can be found through physical searches. Scanning records and indexing information gives you the digital access you need. From historical files to the documents you generate daily, and even digitizing mail for critical processes, a digitization strategy ensures quick access to data and the safe storage of your business information.

Backfile Scanning

Digitizing your files will give you easier access to the information currently locked inside. Instead of hunting through filing cabinets or boxes to find what you, or an auditor, needs, you will decrease your search time and increase your work time.


Dayforward Strategy

On-going scanning ensures that your organization stays paperless and opens the door to doing more with your critical documents through line-of-business integrations, automation and compliance needs.


Digital Mail As A Service

Digitize your mail for critical functions, like claims processing or the intake of invoices, so business units downstream can take action without delay.

Invoice Capture as a Service (ICaaS)

Give your Accounts Payable (AP) team a digital solution for fast and easy data capture from invoices.

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Transform Your Business For The Future

At Konica Minolta, we’re here to help your business embrace change and find success in the evolving market. Our document scanning solutions make it easy to create digital versions of your old physical paperwork. As a result, your staff will more easily find and share important documents, allowing your business to improve its efficiency and impress clients.

When you choose document scanning services from a dependable company like Konica Minolta, your business will be ready to work in today’s digital landscape while remaining flexible as new changes arise. We’ll tailor an all-encompassing document scanning solution around your business’s precise needs.

Why Choose Konica Minolta For Digital Scanning Services?

When it’s time to do away with your business’s cluttered filing cabinets and expensive off-site storage units, trust the digital technology experts at Konica Minolta. Our team has decades of experience dealing with technology and rising with every innovation to hit the market. We’ve built the experience and resource network to help other businesses build lasting infrastructures. Our clients benefit from our knack for innovation and connectivity with the latest trends and data.

Beyond talent in our industry, we also pride ourselves on an excellent customer experience. The team at Konica Minolta will work closely with your business to develop a unique solution that addresses its needs specifically. We prioritize honest collaboration with our clients and take accountability to ensure satisfactory results.

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The hallmark of the Konica Minolta Intelligent Information Management practice is that we meet you where you are on your digital transformation journey, whether you are an SMB or Large enterprise. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific industry’s needs and build a plan that fits your goals.

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