Mobile Device Management

Managing the Communication Needs of Today’s Mobile Business

Mobile device use is growing in businesses of all sizes at an exponential rate, so many companies are turning to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs or a hybrid approach that allows employees to use a combination of corporate and personal devices. Accessing corporate resources from a mobile device can potentially pose a significant threat to corporate security and supporting different mobile platforms can create complex issues for IT departments. With All Covered’s Mobile Management Solution, create a custom strategy that encompasses access control, monitoring, application management, and data protection.

Mobile Productivity by the Numbers

  1. 55% of emails are opened on a mobile device
  2. 50% of employees use their phone as their primary device
  3. 50% of companies require employees to supply their own device
Easy Device Enrollment

This process provides a simple, consistent method for enrollment of all major platforms, and allows both administrators and end users to enroll and authenticate devices whether company owned or BYOD (bring your own device) with multiple options for both. Users can be prompted to accept a custom Terms of Use agreement before gaining access to corporate resources on the device.

Real-Time Dashboards

System dashboards give administrators a quick view into real-time deployment data from the admin console. From the dashboards, view a high-level graphical representation of your deployment, a comprehensive list of enrolled devices and drill down into specific device and user details to easily manage users and identify issues before they become a security vulnerability.

Device Commands and Messaging

Send commands or messages on demand to devices to request information and perform actions. Commands include device query, clear passcode, send message, lock device, find device, set roaming, remote view, sync device and perform an enterprise or device wipe.

Directory Integration

Organization groups provide a streamlined way to manage all user and device profiles. Directory services (AD/LDAP) integration enables support of existing directory services structure into the solution. Changes are synchronized and multiple domains within a single organization group are supported.

Custom Device Profiles

Profiles allow your organization to define settings, policies and restrictions for devices without requiring user interaction. Separate corporate and personal data on mobile devices with the use of customized privacy policies. You can assign profiles based on operating system or device ownership type, and deploy to a group or to individual users. Profiles include passcode, restrictions, Wi-Fi, VPN, email, applications and more.

Compliance & Security

Our solution continuously monitors for unauthorized users, compromised devices and other risks. Administrators can track compliance in real time with our compliance engine. If a threat is identified, the All Covered Network Operation Center (NOC) is alerted and access to enterprise email, applications and resources can be blocked automatically based on predetermined escalations and actions.