Cloud Planning and Migration

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

In partnering with All Covered, your business won’t have to take on cloud migration alone. From planning to environment consolidation, modernization, and migration, we help to collaboratively build a cloud strategy and solution that is scalable and optimized for your business needs now – and into the future.

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Cloud Security

94% of SMBs appreciate the security upgrade that adopting the cloud brings.Source – MicrosoftOffice365

Why the All Covered Cloud?

Flexible Pricing Model

Only pay for the resources you need, easily scale as your business needs change.

Business Productivity Applications

Licensing and support for Microsoft Office 365 and other office related apps.

Built-In Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Leverage our Enterprise-grade architecture. SOC 1/SOC 2 facilities with a 99.995% uptime SLA. Redundant power, connectivity and security.

Enhanced Security and Managed IT Services

Includes patching and AV for contracted servers. SIEM, UTM and other cybersecurity services available to bundle.

Automatic Backups

Backup your data daily with a 14 day retention period built in. Longer retention available depending on compliance and business needs.

Remote Access

Access to your technology resources from anywhere, anytime. Easily grant access to employees, partners and vendors when needed regardless of their physical location.

Op-Ex vs. Cap-Ex

Improve cash flow by eliminating the need for capital expenditures associated with new hardware.

A Dedicated Cloud Team

Leverage a dedicated team of cloud resources to assist with the migration and management of your environment.

Our team will work closely with you to build a plan that fits your goals.