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May 12, 2020

The work environment is evolving faster than ever. Immediate action may be necessary to keep your business moving toward digital transformation. Incorporating the following technologies into your business can help you gain an adaptive advantage to be resilient and embrace changes to come.

Work Remotely with Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) seamlessly combine hardware (workstations, desk phones and smartphones) and hosted PBX (cloud-based communications) over an Internet connection to easily route calls to any location. Benefits include:

  • Mobility: Connect to your employees and customers from any device, no matter where you are working.
  • Synergy: UC synergizes and stores all your important business communications and integrates several forms of messaging in one place – from instant messaging to voice calling and video conferences.
  • Integration: A UC system integrates multiple browsers, email clients, CRM software and more.
  • Cost Reduction: A dependable video conferencing tool and complete communication system eliminates the need for travel, cutting costs and boosting productivity.
  • Business Continuity Planning: A UC system keeps you and your team connected and collaborating from wherever you are working in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

If you need help working with your current system to better communicate remotely, All Covered can get you up and running quickly utilizing your existing platform to give you the flexibility you need. You’ll have everything for improved communications in one place, keeping your employees connected while increasing productivity.

Leverage the Cloud to Share and Access Information

With 80% of U.S. small businesses deploying cloud computing this year*, the value of the cloud is no longer a question. There are a number of integrated tools, services and business applications available that enhance the cloud’s value-add to customers, partners and businesses, however, it’s important to keep in mind:

  • Transitioning to the cloud will disrupt users, particularly their productivity. A gradual, hybrid approach allows small businesses to map out what is feasible to maximize budget and minimize disruption, softening the learning curve that can result from a massive shake up.
  • Working with an MSP partner can help identify areas that will be most disrupted, as well as those that will quickly help SMBs get a return on investment.

All Covered’s cloud services allow organizations to move their workloads to a secure cloud environment where they can easily scale as their business grows, paying only for what they need, when they need it.

Make Remote Security a Priority

Businesses of all sizes are at risk for security breaches. While there are many options to repair this once it has happened, our biggest advice is using a layered approach to minimize risk in the first place.

  • Managed Security Awareness Training (MSAT): Educate your users to protect the business. Employees are your greatest asset, but also your greatest weakness if they are uneducated about threats designed to trick them.
  • Continuous Vulnerability Scanning: Reduce the amount of risk in your network. Think of it as making sure all your windows and doors are locked in your home. That is exactly what scanning does.
  • SIEM Log Monitoring: Compare this to your home alarm; normalizing, alerting and escalating all anomalous activity on the network. This feature provides user behavior analytics (UBA) to flag large file size transfers or users logging on at odd times.

All Covered employs industry-leading measures to build a comprehensive security strategy that encompasses systems implementation, testing, monitoring, vulnerability management and compliance. Our IT Security Services cover all infrastructure components including computers, mobile devices, servers and firewalls – all enhanced with cloud backup and disaster recovery to ensure successful threat mitigation and reduce the potential of data loss.

We are committed to helping you maintain business as usual as you navigate through uncertain times. Discover the full range of our product portfolio at

*Emergent Research

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Jim Mullen
Vice President of Sales, All Covered