Diversifying The Konica Minolta Business Through Strategic Acquisitions

June 19, 2018

Konica Minolta has more than two decades of combined experience in delivering technology-driven products. But in order for our business to remain market-relevant, we’ve embraced a major shift in our core work priorities to ensure we keep up with customer expectations. Key to this growth has been the acquisition of business that have expanded our portfolio of products and services.

As noted by Keypoint Intelligence-Buyers Lab Analysts, Konica Minolta has been recognized for its drive to anticipate and meet the needs of the future workplace. “The company has a clear vision of what the Smart Workplace of the Future should include, and through a combination of in-house product development, acquisitions, and partnerships, it has been actively pursuing this vision,” said Jamie Bsales, Director of Solutions Analysis at Keypoint Intelligence.

Acquisitions Expand Presence and Grow Portfolio of Services

Strategic thinking and planning has allowed us to grow in sync with – and perhaps even help drive – the digital transformation taking place in workplaces around the world. Incorporating new assets and adding select regions to the Konica Minolta business model has been an integral part of transforming our business for sustainable growth, not only as a leading technology company, but also as a robust IT services business that will support the Workplace of the Future™. We have invested heavily in innovative technology that represents a departure from our core document imaging space, driving greater workflow solutions and services.

As we’ve spent the better part of a decade advancing our business through partnerships and acquisitions, we recognize that our most successful mergers come when the new integration places a high value on each company’s core assets. As we onboard new groups, we first identify a path that allows for all their best practices to come to the surface. This opens the door to the perfect blend of expertise and new revenue-generating work streams that can be transformative in the value proposition we represent to our customer base.

Some of our key moves included footprint and service expansions such as; IT vendor services with All Covered; Apple platform experts, Macprofessionals; Managed IT Services company, TLS.NET, that specializes in voice, cloud and IT solutions, and Enterprise Content Management capabilities. Additional recent acquisitions include Techline Communications, Inc., Document Scanning and Imaging Corporation, Inc., Quality Associates, Inc., and DocPoint Solutions, LLC. IT security services were further enhanced through the acquisition of VioPoint, Inc., and Muratec America, Inc., as a leading supplier of multifunction (MFP) solutions and provider of managed document and cloud services in North America. In fact, we’ve finalized more than 35 acquisitions in recent years.

And while acquisitions clearly complement our suite of product and services, we never lose sight of the power and value of innovation. Our proprietary Workplace Hub, developed in-house and slated for roll out in the coming months, connects people, places and devices, providing you with the IT capability of a far bigger company and the freedom of a start-up.  Workplace Hub unifies systems, removes repetitive tasks and enhances standards. It ends unwelcome IT distractions and helps you work smarter, ensuring you’re always performing at your best.

Changing our Reputation

At Konica Minolta, we continue to drive new business opportunities and new sales revenue streams. However, more important than how we advance our work to the next level is how our reputation is viewed by our stakeholders, both internal and external. According to the In the IDC MarketScape 2018 Vendor Assessment:

‘Konica Minolta is positioned as a Leader in this IDC MarketScape for U.S. smart MFP, with a complete lineup of smart MFPs through a balanced network of channel partners and direct sales personnel. The company continues to grow and is successfully balancing core market wins with emerging services and new technology business. Konica Minolta has implemented a well-conceived transformational strategy that is shifting into 3rd Platform and innovation accelerator technologies to maintain future market relevance. A new product platform, Workplace Hub, will serve as the foundation for the company’s future core and new business opportunities inside and outside of conventional print. All Covered also gives Konica Minolta a legitimate claim to evolving managed IT services business. The competitive market assessment from other vendors also recognizes Konica Minolta as an important competitor within the scope of this particular IDC MarketScape research effort.’

How do we plan for the workplace of the future?

We’re delighted in being recognized for our broader focus on the comprehensive smart MFP ecosystem we are putting into place to support the workplace of the future. The way we see it, the digital revolution is omnipresent, the traditional office has changed dramatically, and business and employee demands for flexible work environments are higher than ever.

Industries adapting to new technologies while meeting customer demands have special needs. At Konica Minolta, we are developing targeted approaches to support suitable and sustainable transitions for businesses of various sizes, including enterprise and vertical markets such as government, healthcare, manufacturing, education, and professional services. Forward-thinking product lines, hardware and software tools, as well as customizable managed print, document, IT, workflow and security business solutions tools and services, all represent the strides we are taking to transform our own business for future success.

Nick Pegley
Senior Vice President, Channel Sales Engagement

Nick is responsible for global go-to-market strategies for the Konica Minolta Digital Workplace business unit, with a primary focus on the innovative new Workplace Hub portfolio. His team builds new business strategies and channel models to be able to bring solutions to a broad range of customer types, to help them simplify their IT. Nick is focused on helping companies achieve their business goals through better management of information and more effective collaboration. Nick has lived and worked in the UK, Switzerland, France and the US.