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September 28, 2021

We have grown beyond the days of the premise-based phone systems. Reliability, availability and scalability are expected in today’s cloud-hosted platform to foster growth and stability. Businesses that have transformed into a cloud-based digital workplace feel secure knowing they can focus on growing their business, not spending valuable resources maintaining quickly outdated systems.

Cloud-based unified communications (UC) is the flexible, reliable, available and scalable solution for those with business continuity planning in mind. It is also a solution for those who need the latest tools and need them to be available anywhere at any time. Whether you have a small agile team needing flexibility and collaborative tools, run a full call center and need detailed reporting, or anywhere in between, Managed Voice is ready to help your company grow.

Service Provider 24/7 Thinking

When it comes to providing managed cloud-based solutions, we focus on keeping your business up and running. Be sure your cloud communications infrastructure has five 9s reliability – that’s 99.999% uptime – and geo-redundant data centers including local redundancy.

  • Compliance – Support leading compliance programs
  • Availability – Five nines with N+1 and 5-tiered geo-redundancy
  • Support – 24/7 cloud expert support and tools
  • Best Practices – Confidentiality, manageability and assurance
  • Software Integrity – Security product assurance processes and self-checks

Another way Managed Voice Services ensures quality service and stands apart from many competitors is the deployment of a session border controller (SBC). SBCs are devices vital to quality service and have multiple critical roles in maintaining and securing the network. Placed at the edge of the network, an SBC is used to ensure call quality, guard against DoS attacks, enable robust support and more. A session border controller can even aid in recovery, maintaining internal voice communications in the event Internet access is disrupted.

Work Anywhere

With cloud-based unified communications, mobility is an advantage all its own, allowing work anywhere from any device. Unified communications empower employees within your business and while working with clients and partners. This collaboration is not limited to voice calls, but includes video calls, meetings, instant messaging, file transfers and desktop sharing – all available wherever you have an Internet connection.

This mobility is a great strength when it comes to business continuity planning. Are you prepared for an unforeseen disaster? Have you needed to completely change your business operation to easily support a spreading pandemic? Unfortunately, fires, floods and diseases can lead to your business being out of commission for some time. Again, your UC system will allow you and your team to stay connected and collaborating from home or anywhere else you happen to be working.

When faced with the sudden need to have your staff work remotely, are your communication tools ready to adapt at a moment’s notice? Managed Voice has allowed numerous clients to smoothly transition to remote work models. All over the country, clients of all sizes are able collaborate and work effectively without the need to gather everyone in one location. From receptionists, to office staff, to full call center operations, Managed Voice is ready for the workforce of the future, whether on site or remote.

Grow and Adapt

The greatest technology is only useful if it grows with your business. Many businesses may know the headaches and limitations associated with a premise-based phone system. Phone system updates, patching and move/add/changes can regularly tax valuable internal IT resources. The lack of flexibility for growth can be stifling.

Enter the scalability of Managed Voice Services’ cloud-based unified communications. Make growth and seasonal adjustments simple. There are no move/add/change fees when contacting the Managed Voice Help Desk, which is staffed by real, experienced engineers.

While Managed Voice certainly allows you to add users right when you need them, sometimes growth means more than just more users. With Managed Voice you can also quickly expand on the tools you need to service clients and collaborate with co-workers.

  • Is your customer support team growing and handling an increasing number of calls? Do you need more details and reporting for call and user activity? Adding call center functionality and reporting is as easy as a phone call.
  • Need more conferencing and video collaboration items? The cross-platform unified communication app lets you collaborate internally and host video conferences with both internal and external users.
  • Have a need to start retaining call recordings? How about transcriptions and alerting based on the content of calls? Our Call Recording services can be added to your existing users quickly and easily.
  • Rolling out a new CRM solution? CRM Integration services allows you to tie our Managed Voice services into your CRM to better leverage the data and capabilities your company depends on.

Managed Voice is ready to grow with your company as it grows and as your needs change. These services offer cloud-based unified communications as a way to combine all your telecommunications needs, drive productivity, and keep your business growing into the future.

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