How to Build a Modern Intranet Quickly and Securely

April 20, 2021

When most of us hear the word “intranet,” it conjures up images of clunky webpages that weren’t very well designed and definitely were not used much! But over the last few years, the intranet has had a comeback. Modern intranets offer secure data exchange, collaborative content creation and sharing, and increased employee engagement. So why don’t we all use these great internal company networks? The challenge normally sits within a combination of lack of resources, know-how and budget.

If you’re interested in updating your internal communications to allow effective collaboration and efficient information sharing, see my top tips below for how to install a modern and contemporary new intranet.

bar chart for intranet failures

The benefits of a modern intranet

First, let’s talk about why you should be considering an intranet solution. There are five key aspects that provide constructive support for collaboration in everyday company life:

  • Each employee has an overview of the essentials.
  • There is a shared and well-arranged location for document storage.
  • Access to all data and software is secure and data-protection compliant.
  • Shared and up-to-the-minute knowledge can be exchanged in real time.
  • Mobile access allows for easy remote working across locations.

It is especially practical if the intranet solution is suitable for all applications and software within the business. A modern system that brings together all Microsoft 365/Office 365 functions and in-house applications into a single interface helps minimize time wasted trying to get different systems integrated.

Checklist: setting up your central communications portal

While setting up an internal company network used to be a laborious and cost-intensive project, today it can be set up without much effort as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and ready for use immediately.

When building this kind of rapidly deployable out-of-the-box solution, the focus should be on its intended purpose in everyday working life as well as high level of interaction between employees.


Step one: Find out which of the features below are especially important to you.

Experience shows that fewer features and possibilities – but ones adapted specifically to your enterprise – often count for more.

  • Linking to the external company website and/or showing company news
  • Internal communication
  • Provision of up-to-date information
  • Employee directory
  • Easy access to all important documents
  • Self-organization
  • Storage of shared documents
  • Digital cooperation in dedicated project groups
  • Comprehensive search function
  • Integration with Microsoft 365/Office 365 suite
  • Booking tool for the allocation of desks and offices (desk sharing)

Step two: Select the ready-to-go templates you need

  • Simple access possible via Microsoft Teams or via browser
  • “My Co-workers” directory
  • Self-organization page (“personal board”)
  • Intranet page for storing documents (department-specific sub-pages and/or general “company library”)
  • Collaboration page based on Microsoft Teams with even more flexibility to structure the teams
  • Extended search capabilities within the entire O365 tenant (people, sites and files)
  • Onboarding training for template usage during successful launch of the solution with the client
  • Ongoing support (help desk, user guide, automatic integration of Microsoft 365/Office 365 updates in the client’s Workplace Go instance, (occasional) template updates with new/updated features)
  • Flex Desk: Desk sharing and booking tool for the office space that ensures a seamless, safe return to office during and after COVID-19, while meeting government recommendations in terms of social distancing, cleaning needs and contact tracing
  • Mobile apps (Android/iOS and Front Line Workers app)

Step three: Build a modern intranet quickly and securely with Workplace Go

  • Save time and money with a managed service model; be up and running in days, not months.
  • Take advantage of what is included in the managed service, such as installation, configuration, updates and ongoing support for one monthly fee.
  • Reinforce your company’s brand while accelerating your digital transformation
  • Simplify your experience with Microsoft 365/Office 365 including SharePoint/Teams
  • Call up a multitude of Microsoft 365/Office 365 features (and possibly your company’s own applications) using a single, intuitive user interface
  • Flexibility and scalability to ensure you are also equipped for the future
  • User-friendliness so that all employees are happy to use the company intranet
  • Security such that all important information and data can be stored in a data-protection compliant manner and be protected against hacking
  • Clear structure and a good overview for a straightforward and efficient workflow
  • Easy-to-use template with personalization options so that employees can adapt their digital workspace and design it to align with their job or duties
  • Familiar and simple to use user interface for high employee acceptance

Ready to build your own out-of-a-box intranet?

Workplace Go is a fully managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed to meet businesses’ needs for the modern digital workplace. It features extensive collaboration functions with full integration of Microsoft Teams and a seamless design based on the SharePoint “Modern Experience” to provide one intuitive user interface for self-organization.

Workplace Go enables companies – no matter their size – to build a personalized digital workplace based on Microsoft 365, improving collaboration, employee engagement and productivity.  It is designed around a managed service model with no onboarding costs, predictable monthly bills and support and upgrades included. The solution is available both as an out-of-the-box template for small and medium-sized businesses for up to 300 users, as well as a fully custom-designed solution for medium and larger enterprises with 101 to 20,000 employees.

Find out more about Workplace Go at

Christina Navarro
Manager, Digital Workplace, Konica Minolta