The Law Firm of the Future

August 6, 2018

These solutions will not only speed up existing processes in your legal department—but also allow for new, more flexible ways to get it all done. You need to work smart. Find ways to streamline your business and allow your teams to spend time doing what they do best. The Law Firm of the Future will be constantly evolving and growing.

Meeting Room Booking that Makes Your Meetings More Productive

Room scheduling applications can make your meetings more productive, even before they begin. No more searching for an available space to strategize with your team or meet with your clients, only to find it’s been double booked. You’ll even be able to reserve a room based on the size of your of your meeting.

Telepresence Robots That Actually Make You Feel Physically Present Even Though You’re Not There

Most telepresence technologies are choppy video chats from a fixed point in an office. “Working from home” doesn’t mean you’re not in the office. A mobile telepresence can allows you to be a real, physical presence that recreates the experience of walking around the office. Telecommuters will be able to move and interact within their environments, decreasing the need to schedule every single conversation—and significantly blurring the lines of working remotely.

Virtual Desktops That Make Any Device Your Work Computer

Over 50% of millennials use workplace technology alongside their own. A Virtual Desktop solution allows your employees to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device—with the peace of mind of knowing that critical data is secure and protected.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) That Enables Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Strategy

BYOD can reduce costs for your organization, while promoting flexibility and comfort. But keeping the firm’s data safe is paramount. A mobile device management service will allows you to manage many devices centrally with end-to-end coverage that both protects your network from intrusion and simplifies the mobile management process.

Legal Document Management Systems (DMS to Keep Data Organized, Accessible and Secure)

A legal document management system can help create a highly customized document management solutions that help you collect, organize, store and retrieve your case files and supporting documents. Security, matter-centricity, cloud solutions, and mobility are only a few of the factors to consider when investigating a DMS solution.

Printing from Mobile Devices

Print and send documents to your preferred printer from a mobile device simply and wirelessly without having to download any additional software. Mobile printing capabilities ensure speed and security, providing the ability to print via Wi-Fi connection and the ability to choose from a wide variety of mobile printing technologies.

Visitor Management Solutions to Free Up Time and Resources

Using touch screen interfaces or tablets, visitor management solutions can help you work smarter right from the minute some steps into your office. You can greet and register visitors, notify employees of their arrival, present visitors with interactive information and even print custom visitor badges.

Cloud Infrastructure

The cloud has the ability to power web-based applications, file sharing and mobility. With a cloud solution, you can knock down the wall of your office with scalability to meet the needs of your law firm, agility to adapt to your changing needs all without worry and securely. The result? Your business becomes more efficient and reduces overall hardware/software investments.

Marco Maggio
Vice President, IT Services Sales & Strategic Practices

Marco Maggio leads the commercial sales force for the United States as well as the Legal, Education and Healthcare Practices within Konica Minolta’s IT Services organization. Prior to joining Konica Minolta, he held executive leadership positions at technology organizations such as Lanier, Mosaic, Ricoh and Hewlett Packard. Marco is a frequent speaker for legal industry associations and a regularly published author for technology relevant to key vertical industries.