Leading the Way for a Mobile Workforce

February 4, 2015

mobilityLove them or hate them, we’re all tied to our mobile phones. They’re a way of life now, able to keep us connected to family, work and Candy Crush.

Thanks to that connectivity, we are a mobile workforce, able to do our jobs from anywhere. You may take mobile services for granted, but we don’t. In fact, Konica Minolta is once again leading the industry by identifying and meeting the growing needs of customers who require the ability to efficiently capture, share, manage and transform their most-critical needs whether on the road or in the office. Our innovations allow employees to manage and control work on the go, thereby meeting the evolving demands of today’s business world.

Our portfolio offers quick and easy mobile access to information and applications, printing and scanning, data transmission and email all from any mobile platform . And, it doesn’t matter whether you have iOS or Android technology. Our Bring Your Own Device functionality accommodates smart phones, tablets and notebooks. You can pair your devices quickly, seamlessly and wirelessly with our bizhub MFPs and other networked output devices via WiFi, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and Near Field Communications to allow intelligent access and file sharing. Think of the uses for this technology: collaboration on reports, routing of approvals, uploading of photos, accessing student or patient records and applying e-signatures to legal documents.

In fact, helping today’s mobile professionals get the job done faster, easier and at a lower cost is fundamental to our application development process. We’ve listened to our customers. They want mobile application management, remote and secure data access, mobile Enterprise Management, mobile printing and WiFi direct network creation. They want BYOD capabilities, cloud services plus scan and print functionality, and automated maintenance processes. They want data backup, archiving and email access, and redundancy and disaster recovery. They want it all!

Our answer is the development of a suite of applications featuring PageScope Mobile, which allows customers to view, scan and print documents securely from their mobile devices. PageScope Mobile also supports NFC Technology, secure print and user authentication. We have recently partnered with Lantronix to add xPrintserver Cloud Edition, which offers customized Konica Minolta print drivers. The My Print Manager Port App is the mobile printing app that complements the My Print Manager module of PageScope Enterprise Suite, which extends the enterprise suite functions to a mobile device.  As part of our mobile strategy, we also offer connectivity to popular cloud solutions like FileAssist, Dropbox and Evernote.

These solutions give our customers the ability to minimize downtime, access information quickly and easily, and utilize cloud technology. Plus, their security and accountability can be maintained through access to Secure Print, User Authentication and Account Track.

Our mobility products have applications across all verticals. Students and educators can access lesson plans, textbooks, campus information and student records. Finance professionals can have access to timely and accurate information to manage securities, investments and individual accounts. Doctors can collaborate on the go or access insurance information while knowing that patient information is safe in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH and other healthcare regulations. Lawyers and court officers can have fast, secure access to legal case files, eDiscovery documents, trial schedules and depositions. Retailers and manufacturers can access product and technical data, handle change orders, manage shipping schedules and scan bar codes for delivery confirmation.

We must position ourselves as experts on our customers with a deep understanding of their critical business drivers. We need to listen to our customers, their problems and concerns, their efficiencies and deficiencies and then craft our solution to address their needs. As for mobility, the challenge that companies face today is having information accessible in real time at any location with seamless workflows. We have innovated mobility solutions and services in direct response to our customers’ growing demand for 24/7 access to information.

Because we listen, today’s mobile workforce has the ability to do their job, no matter where they are located, ensuring there is no down time for our customers’ needs.

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Sam Errigo
President and Chief Executive Officer

Sam Errigo oversees Konica Minolta’s North American Business Unit, driving its business and technology strategy to further the company’s digital transformation initiatives, strategic partnerships and business growth to ensure shareholder value. He leads efforts across the organization to support clients’ adoption of the Intelligent Connected Workplace, including managed IT services, intelligent information management and video security solutions, as well as other emerging services. Errigo has been featured as an author and subject matter expert in numerous industry publications throughout his career, and is best known for his insightful vision and ability to execute disruptive strategies that foster long-term growth. He is an Officer on the Board of Directors for Konica Minolta Business Solutions, U.S.A., Inc., and was recently named to The Modern Sale and Collective[i]’s list of the 2021 Top 100 Global Sales Leaders. Errigo earned his B.S. in Business Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology.