Modern Security Doesn’t Just Surveil, It Analyzes

July 2, 2019

“Smile. You’re on Camera.”- Has a new meaning with Intelligent Video Security Services

As a kid, I remember walking into department stores, looking up to find, well… me. I’m on TV! Of course, like many of you, I took the opportunity to fool around on camera before my mom pulled me away from the intrusive lens. Before reel-to-reel media was developed to offer on-site recording, video surveillance systems involved constant monitoring. Then in the 70’s, about the time that I was acting out a scene from Sesame Street in the store lobby, VHS revolutionized videotaping and storage finally making it convenient for the user. (Man, I would love to have some of that old footage!) The point is, like countless other technologies, video surveillance systems have advanced exponentially, growing well beyond yesterday’s CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems.

Today, Konica Minolta enjoys a place at the leading edge of IP (Internet Protocol) video surveillance technology, by offering intelligent, proactive MOBOTIX systems, tailored to our customers’ environments and objectives. Smart, like your mobile phone, MOBOTIX’s intelligent devices offer more than collecting video footage, by incorporating multiple on-board sensors, programmable microprocessors, decentralized architecture and IoT technology. These systems not only collect data but also analyze it and convert it into valuable, actionable information for a greater degree of intelligence. Moreover, customer networks are not taxed with high bandwidth and unruly server requirements. These systems are efficient!

Konica Minolta Security Services, featuring MOBOTIX products and solutions, are unique in the marketplace, providing  numerous capabilities that other systems do not possess:

  • Beyond vision. Our systems are environmental sensing devices that can detect and report erratic changes in temperature, speed of movement, the direction of movement, audio events and more. Even in total darkness, with thermal sensor technology, you can have oversight.
  • Get the full view. Hemisphere lens technology reduces blind spots and records everything in view. MXManagementCenter (MOBOTIX’s proprietary software) auto-corrects fish-eye views into user-friendly panoramic images and governs event statistics, user action logs, high-speed playback and data analysis.
  • Bring clarity. At 6 megapixels, our cameras produce HD quality images and, using MxPEG, each frame of the video is sharp… not like the blurry images we often see in attempts to decipher what has happened and who was involved. Proactive.
  • Be there when you are not. Our programmable systems send alerts to anyone requiring notification. Why run a continuous video that you have to ‘check later? Instead, introduce a solution that records at the right time of day, for the right reason, while sending out an alert via e-mail or SMS text.

Built to work. These German-made devices are tough, just shy of indestructible, yet sensitive. They withstand the elements and physical abuse while shake sensors detect unusual activity directed at the camera. Do you remember the ‘tilt’ feature on pinball machines?! Same idea. Whether you’re interested in boosting security, mitigating liability, monitoring a site after hours or having operational oversite of a facility, Konica Minolta Security Services and MOBOTIX can help you achieve your objectives.

Konica Minolta can bring a higher level of innovation to your company with our Intelligent Security Solutions so you can be safer and smarter.


Konica Minolta

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