Pursue Justice & Eliminate Challenges with Legal Technology

June 1, 2017

nQueue_Logo_450x311px_72dpi-300x207The world is changing. It’s a fact. Think about it, in your lifetime, you may have seen computers shrink smaller yet more powerful, phones move from rotary dial and party lines to devices that comfortably fit in your hand and hold more computing power than the computers that sent men to the moon.

What if you and your law firm haven’t kept up with the times and haven’t yet embraced the right legal technology to improve your firm’s productivity? You can bet your client has and they expect you to be not only savvy with today’s technology, but to be innovative.

Are you looking for ways to make your law firm more efficient, reduce overhead, increase bottom line profits and enhance information security? If these are topics of conversation at your firm, then you need to find a law firm technology solution that works.

Here at nQueue — a Konica Minolta strategic partner — we have the solutions to address all of the above desires. We see a problem, and we find the right technology solution. And when the right solution isn’t available – we create an innovative solution unique for your legal practice. We streamline how law firms manage and track soft costs incurred with fax, phone, copy and print and to help firms become more profitable and reduce waste.

By developing and patenting the technology of embedding our software on the multifunction device (MFD,) we’ve eliminated the need for law firms to use an external piece of hardware to input copy-related billing information. Today, nQueue and Konica Minolta clients have the option to directly embed our proprietary software on Konica Minolta multifunction printers and devices.

With our ExpenseManager, hard-cost expenses are matched and validated to entries and users are notified when exceptions need to be resolved. Billing departments all over the world count on us to give them the tools they need to properly track and bill clients more efficiently and much faster than tracking manually.

nQueue’s Print AnyWhere gives lawyers and other legal professionals the ability to print anywhere, securely. Added benefits to secure printing are the cost savings realized by being able to cancel an unwanted print and keeping prints in order and organized — all while offering the law firm and its clients the confidence of knowing their business isn’t anyone else’s.

Using your favorite handheld device, add-ons MobilePrint and GuestPrint allow clients and other guests to the firm to print without having to jump through IT hoops to get what they need when they need it, while ensuring document security.

When your legal documents are scanned, your legal records and files preserved for the long term, making them usable by multiple people. They also become accessible by keyword searches and allow retrieval right from your desktop, permitting you to read the file or print only the specific portion of the file you need to study.

InfoRoute has four “onramps” that allow you to get documents into your document management system (DMS.) Its four “offramps” are just as powerful in managing your documents to where you need them, allowing users to save to the DMS, email within the firm, save to a specific network folder or deliver directly to a desktop.

Even when you aren’t billing for your costs, smart law firms are track their legal expenses so they can see exactly how much each client costs. Looking at these expenditures by client, category, color vs. black and white printing along with other variables allows your firm to be more efficient and leads to bottom line savings.

nQueue’s and Konica Minolta’s innovative and forward thinking products and solutions easily integrate with your law firm’s current tools, processes, procedures and policies. Accessing relevant data, legal records and files leads to increased productivity and cost savings at all levels.

The technological world is changing. Is your law firm changing with it?

Patty Robertson
Director of Channel & Client Advocacy, nQueue

Patty Robertson has responsibility for establishing, maintaining, supporting and growing the company’s Partner/Reseller relationships. In addition, in her client advocacy role, she and others on her team are responsible for ensuring clients’ needs are being satisfied with their installed product base and communicating new or updated products that could be of value to their practice. With over 20 years’ experience with both software and hardware supporting law firms, she is well versed in law firm operations and understands the challenges law firms face relative to technology.