Top 5 Ways ERPs Can Transform Businesses

October 29, 2019

The imaging industry is at a crossroads. While consumer end products are becoming increasingly innovative, companies are becoming restricted by outdated technology. Incompatible system applications, manual tasks and disparate software solutions are detrimental to an organization’s ability to grow and transform their business. Any business needs the appropriate infrastructure in order to sustain competitive advantages and optimize profitability. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the best solution to support scalability in your business by integrating and automating key business processes.

FORZA, built on SAP Business One, is the first and only integrated ERP solution built by and for the imaging industry to create a future ready foundation for growth. Here are the top 5 ways you can better your business with FORZA.


Any ERP platform is a significant investment initially, but FORZA ensures that all the systems your business needs are consolidated into one single cost. Eliminate the need for multiple databases and incompatible bolt-ons that hinder the core function of workflow. FORZA unites all your databases into an all-inclusive platform to streamline and manage all aspects of major business processes – from financials to operation – and makes data transparent across departments. FORZA creates a centralized hub where you can go from quote to cash all in one seamless system. With FORZA, your sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), warehouse and delivery, service and dispatch, contracts and billing and accounting and reporting are all in one place.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

As the imaging industry continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever to make sure your ERP is aligned with the current needs of the market. Growth and adaptability was top of mind when creating FORZA to ensure that your business is future ready through its extensible, open architecture. Post-implementation services allow your organization to stay cutting edge by providing future system enhancements that are constantly innovated by SAP Business One and solution partners. New capabilities will integrate seamlessly within existing infrastructure to keep you up to date with the most recent industry technology.

Enhance Flexibility

Cutting costs and increasing productivity make it easier for your business to explore opportunities to revolutionize and grow. The FORZA mobile application provides invaluable mobility for sales representatives and service technicians through on-site access to product and customer information. Real-time reports of key business information, from integrated sales and service details to monitoring inventory levels are easily attained. Technicians save time and money on site with access to current equipment and customer information, and the ability to update dispatch, arrival and closing details instantly. Sales reps have access to customer records and can capture activities, leads and initiate quotes, all from their mobile devices. With the simplification of staff roles, you can see a significant increase in productivity, sales and customer satisfaction.

A Smarter, More Adaptable Business

FORZA provides your business with a smart hub of data and software to streamline your workflow, lower costs and increase profitability. By centralizing and automating your financials, operations, sales, and other core business functions, you diminish downtime and eliminate the need for repetitive manual tasks, so your employees have more time to focus on revenue increasing tasks. Advanced in-memory processing provides real-time analytics to ensure better collaboration, workflow, efficiency and visibility that will lead to quicker, more confident market decisions. FORZA offers built-in managed services, CRM and industry compliant financial reporting that can reduce operating expenses up to 35%.

Unbeatable Customer Service

The key to any successful business with the potential to grow is a satisfied customer base. FORZA’s CRM solution consolidates all client data into one system to ensure your team can optimize customer relationships and create more focused and effective marketing and sales. Interactive and intuitive dispatch and service management allows you to automate service call email notifications while the customer web portal increases visibility to machines, reports, online bills and meter reads – all creating increased customer satisfaction. FORZA promotes a higher standard of customer service that will expand your client base.

FORZA provides any imaging business with the tools to transform and grow. This ERP system made exclusively by the industry and for the industry inspires nothing but premier performance and heighted business core processes. By creating a centralized hub for all of your data, FORZA is the first step in the right direction towards higher productivity and profitability for your business.

For more information about Forza, email Drew Cataldo, VP of Business Development at All Covered Business Consulting Services.

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Drew Cataldo
Vice President of ITS Enterprise Accounts, V.P of Business Development, All Covered BCS