Unique Pathway to Digital Transformation

February 18, 2020

Manufacturing, commercial print, legal, healthcare and education – all of these industries have diverse and unique challenges, trends and objectives, but the one commonality among them is the pathway toward digital transformation.  It is happening everywhere, and at a rapid pace, as technology continues to change the face of the modern landscape and demand for greater access to data increases.  Our customers, prospects, vendors and partners are all at some point in the continuum that spans from consideration and evaluation to decision and implementation.

  • Healthcare providers are adopting advanced analytics to improve care quality and reduce costs.
  • Legal practices are beginning to use analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate case win probabilities.
  • Manufacturing facilities are escalating their use of sensors and edge technology to minimize defects and improve safety.
  • And some companies are merely trying to improve their IT infrastructure and secure their data.

These are just a few of the countless number of digitalization approaches being considered and undertaken every day all over the world. And, while everyone wants to expedite their digital transformation, many still struggle to develop and implement an effective strategy. 70 percent of large-scale transformation initiatives fail to achieve their goals, according to McKinsey & Co. When it comes to technology and digital transformation, priority is given to transforming processes, without looking at the people utilizing that technology.

Konica Minolta stands ready to contribute toward advancing transformation successfully for our entire value chain. Our Intelligent Connected Workplace and Workplace Hub represent platforms of advanced technologies and solutions offering to customers across the continuum, and in key vertical markets, to navigate the complex landscape of digital transformation. We know the biggest and most powerful thing we can provide is simplicity.

Workplace Hub offers an innovative platform that not only solves a myriad of IT challenges like aging and expensive technology, security concerns and unresponsive support, but builds IT on the customer’s terms. It provides an efficient ecosystem, enabling applications that address specific vertical market objectives.  Globally, Konica Minolta is working with companies from a variety of industries, and providing solutions such as comprehensive print technologies, automating commercial printers’ customer orders, invoicing and billing. Beginning in France and expanding internationally to Germany, the Workplace Hub IT offering is combined with Student Information Management Systems to enhance schools’ ability to efficiently and securely manage their students’ private information.

Here in the United States, we have been supporting key industries, like healthcare, legal, and education for many years, and now with the Workplace Hub, serviced through All Covered, Konica Minolta’s IT Services Division, we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive set of solutions bundled with IT and technology as a service.  For instance, physician clinics and extended care providers can improve their IT infrastructure and document workflow processes and costs, while at the same time enhancing HIPAA compliance and readiness through our Managed Compliance services available via our Workplace Hub Healthcare package.  Legal practices can also benefit from our all-in-one IT platform, as well as streamlined document capture by taking advantage of advanced data capture, processing and connectivity to popular legal document management systems via the Workplace Hub Legal package.  And this is just the beginning. Konica Minolta is continuously evaluating smart apps to address the number of inefficient and costly processes across multiple vertical markets.  Furthermore, Workplace Hub makes use of AI to improve daily task prioritization, consolidation of data from disparate systems and assistance in making quicker, smarter, and more cost-conscious decisions.

As you and your business pursue the path to digital transformation, Konica Minolta looks forward to partnering with you and offering practical, but innovative, solutions to assist in your digitalization journey.

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Joe Cisna, MBA, MHA
Director, Healthcare Solutions

Joe Cisna manages the healthcare strategy for Konica Minolta Business Solutions and has more than 18 years of healthcare provider and payer sales and marketing experience in electronic health records and medical cost containment services. He is responsible for supporting the Direct and Dealer Sales Channels with marketing, training and sales enablement tools and initiatives to drive healthcare solutions for our customers. Joe holds an MBA and a Masters’ in Healthcare Administration and is a Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP). He loves to run and play guitar, but not at the same time.