Zero Trust? … More like 100% Trust When It Comes to Your Security Solutions

February 22, 2022

Relationships come and go. We all strive for meaningful connections in life, whether business or personal. As a business owner, the partnerships you choose will have a significant impact on your organization, both internally and externally. Every business has its own unique journey, but before you head out on new adventures to build those relationships, we suggest you pack this one item: trust.

Despite the various challenges that small to midsize businesses have had to face in recent years, there is still tremendous growth and opportunity in the future. According to the US Census Bureau, this year, we will see approximately 17 million new businesses launch, with over 30% of them needing to hire employees. Due to the acceleration of technology, these business leaders are already ahead of the game and will be entering new markets with a digital-first mindset. Previously, it would have taken a number of years for businesses to research, adopt and transition into new technologies in order to support their evolving needs. Fortunately, the mindset has quickly shifted to ensure survival in this post-pandemic era and take the necessary precautions to prevent security breaches. But what’s it really going to take for both new and growing businesses to tackle these challenges head-on and stay on the path to success?

No matter the size and industry, there’s one common threat to all business owners-alike that could stand in your way and cause severe setbacks: cybersecurity. In recent years, we’ve witnessed the acceleration of digital transformation globally and along with it, a massive spike in cyber threats and successful data breaches. If you haven’t invested in security for your IT infrastructure, your business is already quite vulnerable and it’s only a matter of time. A strong cybersecurity plan in place with the right solutions to prevent and mitigate attacks is crucial to the future of your business. You needed one in place yesterday! And it’s not one size fits all, so you want to partner with a trusted expert who can work with your needs and protect your business for the future. Here are three reasons you should keep trust at top-of-mind as you build out your growth strategy.

1) Trust, so you and your leadership team can focus on growth strategy. In an ideal world, how amazing would it be to ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to cybersecurity? Monitoring the security levels and keeping updated on the latest threats is a full time job, and without a dedicated IT team, you will most likely be left in constant worry. The good news is you can choose to partner with a trusted security services provider who can do the work for you. In order for SMBs to survive in today’s world, they need to spend that precious time making smart, strategic decisions for long term growth. The great benefit of using a Managed IT services provider is that they provide the perfect combination of trust and expertise even as your business continues to grow and evolve. If you’re continuing to embrace and adapt to remote/hybrid work environments as your workforce grows, then you’ve got yourself another layer of concern. More employees mean more devices, more connections, more access. You’ll need to be ready to support this growth in a safe and secure way. With the right security, you can go about your day knowing that your business and customer data is fully protected and being monitored 24x7x365. Trust that your business is protected so you and your leadership team can focus on where you are headed next in your success journey.

2) Trust, so that any cyber threats/attacks can be effectively mitigated with minimal to zero downtime. In a perfect world, the common cybersecurity methods like two-factor authentication and firewalls would do the trick! According to IDC, one-third of SMBs will experience a security breach every quarter by 2024. Many companies do not feel confident in the mitigation plans they have in place. Can your business be quickly recovered with minimal to zero downtime? When it comes to security breaches, there is no time to waste. Every second can make a difference in how your business will be able to recover from one attack. Trust that in the event of a threat or attack the mitigation plan you have in place will be taken into action immediately and effectively.

3) Trust, so a strategic plan is in place for years to come. We’ve talked a lot about the day-to-day importance of cybersecurity when it comes to business growth. You’ve implemented the right resources needed and you can now take a break at the next rest stop…. but not for too long. No one can argue that life sure does throw its punches. Every year is different with various external factors that you cannot control. Business owners can certainly relate to this, and it’s no different when it comes to cybersecurity. Now that you’ve freed up time to focus on strategic growth, don’t forget to consider how cybersecurity will also need to change with you. Hackers get smarter every day and they are not afraid to try different tactics to accomplish their goals. 2021 saw the highest average cost of a data breach in 17 years, with the cost rising from $3.86 million to $4.24 million on an annual basis. (IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021) The devastating time and cost it could take to recover from a single attack could determine the fate of your business. Trust that your cybersecurity plan not only works for today but also for years to come.

Cybersecurity tools and resources are endlessly available in the market, so it’s easy to do the bare minimum to protect your business. Unfortunately, it may not be enough and you may get bogged down with the day to day. With the way technology has advanced nearly every aspect of a business, from remote/hybrid workforces, digitization and automation of workflows, to customer transactions and virtual experience, organizations need to stay on top of evolving needs for employees and customers. Business growth inevitably affects how your workforce is connected, in addition to the enhanced experiences of your customers. Trust will help you sleep at night, trust will empower your team, and trust will create the partnerships needed for growth. So, don’t look back but ahead to the future… and know that trust can guide you in the right direction.

Let’s unpack your cybersecurity needs together before you head back out on your journey. Our mission at Konica Minolta, along with our IT Services Division, All Covered, is – and always has been – to build lasting partnerships based on trust while serving our clients with the expertise and knowledge they need to feel empowered every day. Learn more about All Covered’s cybersecurity solutions.

Ginnie Lee
Marcoms Manager, ICW Brand & Content

Ginnie is a marketing professional with over ten years of experience planning and executing on strategic marketing campaigns, primarily in academic publishing but most recently in the IT Managed Service Provider industry. She has worked on B2B campaigns to drive demand generation and content strategy, in addition to providing sales enablement and corporate communications support. In her current role at Konica Minolta, Ginnie is a Marketing Communications Manager specializing in the SMB customer segment for the Intelligent Connected Workplace (ICW) Brand and Content Team. She enjoys cooking, watching baking shows, and doing arts and crafts with her family.