Over a Century of Innovation

The History of Konica Minolta

It all began in 1873, when Rokusaburo Sugiura began selling photographic materials in Tokyo. By 1900, the company had developed its first camera. Japan’s first plain paper copier was introduced in 1971. A merger of Konica and Minolta was accomplished in 2003, creating a corporate giant with wide-ranging expertise in digital, optical and electronic technology.

Konica starts business as Rokusaburo Sugiura begins selling photographic and lithographic materials at Konishiya Rokubeiten in Kojimachi, Tokyo.

Konishi Honten (predecessor of Konica) Markets the “Cherry Hand Camera,” Japan’s first brand-name camera.

The precursor of Minolta, Nichi-Doku Shashinki Shoten (Japan-Germany Photo Company), is established by Kazuo Tajima and begins production of cameras in Japan.

Introduction of Sakura Natural Color Film, the first color film made in Japan.

Minolta Copymaster, the company’s first copier, is released.

A specially modified Minolta camera is carried aboard the spacecraft Friendship 7. In the following decades, Minolta technology is adopted for both Apollo lunar missions and Mir space station missions.

Release of U-Bix480, a high-performance photostatic plain paper copier.

Introduction of the world’s first 35mm compact autofocus camera, model C35AF.

Releases EP450Z, the world’s first copier with zoom magnification-reduction function.

Develops an ultra-high-precision aspheric plastic lens for CD players.

Releases the model 7000 SLR camera with autofocus function.

Releases model CF70, a digital full-color copier featuring breakthrough LIMOS technology for superior image quality.

Konica and Minolta are merged to leverage the leadership technologies and innovations of both companies.

Introduction of the first bizhub multifunctional peripheral (MFP), bringing fast document printing, copying and scanning to the hub of any business.

CBS SwingVision, a high-speed motion-analysis system sponsored by Konica Minolta, is awarded a Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Innovative Technical Achievement.

10th anniversary of Konica Minolta’s exclusive Simitri toner, the world’s first polymerized toner; from its introduction in 2000, Simitri toner has used biomass technology to reduce environmental impact.

Konica Minolta acquires All Covered, a national IT company, to expand the company’s services into the IT Services space.

Konica Minolta acquires DocuSource and AMS Imaging to grow its portfolio in the Enterprise Content Management space in the West and Northeast regions.

Konica Minolta announces collaboration with MGI Digital Graphics Technology to bring new 3D tactile varnish technology to market.

Konica Minolta Inc. Launches Step Forward, an initiative to inspire women in professional excellence at all career levels.

The bizhub PRESS C71cf digital press is the first of many new products that supports Konica Minolta’s strategy in the label and packaging industry market.

On October 19, 2017, Konica Minolta acquires the Ambry Genetics Corporation, accelerating the precision medicine business.

10 Years Running: Receives the Brand Keys’ Customer Loyalty Award for the tenth consecutive year. NIKKEI Smart Work Award: Konica Minolta Receives Grand Prize in NIKKEI Smart Work Awards 2018.

Konica Minolta becomes a Google Cloud Premier Partner, enabling the company and its dealer partners to offer the full suite of Google Cloud solutions.

Konica Minolta acquires Depth Security, a leading cybersecurity consulting company. The acquisition further expands on the company’s existing IT Services portfolio.

Konica Minolta receives the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Award for the fourteenth consecutive year. This award is based on a brand’s ability to meet customer expectations and do so better than its competition in the category in which it competes.