The Workplace Of The Future Is The Workplace Of Now!

March 17, 2020

School closures, businesses set to work from home, canceled group outings – you cannot escape the new normal that is happening around us. But what does it mean for those that are working from home and business is everywhere?  It means that our new “offices” will look like an episode of The Jetsons™ and our bosses, i.e. the Mr. Cogswell’s of the world, will hold meetings on a computer.

While Rosie the Robot will unfortunately not be bringing you coffee to your bedroom, it does sound like a dream to wake up and start work in your pajamas. While that’s a nice idea, it becomes stressful when deadlines still need to be met and it becomes challenging to easily collaborate with your fellow colleagues.

The digital workforce is no longer the future, it’s here now. It is no surprise that since the way we do business is shifting, the tools we need to keep performing at a high level are too. Thinking about the tools you need in order to do your job efficiently from a place that is not a traditional office is complex. It really comes down to unifying your communication, not only amongst your team, but across different departments, making sure everyone is in sync when it’s not an option to run over to someone’s desk for a quick answer.

Managed Voice Services seamlessly combine hardware (workstations, desk phones and smartphones) and hosted PBX (cloud-based communications) over an Internet connection. Thus the ability to embrace change effectively marks the success of a business, and having tools you can rely on while at the same time promoting productivity, convenience and profitability is a win-win for all.

Our customers see the best results embracing the following five strategies in their mixed (office and remote) businesses:

  • Mobility: This is the idea that no matter whether you’re stuck in an airport or overseas on business (hint: see COVID19), any of the devices you have can connect you to your employees and customers from anywhere.
  • Synergy: If you haven’t heard of the “the Cloud” by now, we’re all worried. Unified Communications (UC) using “the Cloud” solutions are a way to synergize and store all of your important business communications and integrate several forms of messages in one place. From instant messaging to voice calling and video conversation, UC weave these tools together in one system.
  • Integration: A UC system that integrates multiple browsers, email clients, CRM software and more.
  • Cost Reduction: Think about the amount of traveling costs your business could eliminate with a dependable video conferencing tool and complete communication system. By integrating UC into your company, you can cut costs and boost productivity among your staff.
  • Business Continuity Planning: Are you prepared for an unforeseen disaster or need to completely change your business operation to easily support a spreading pandemic? Unfortunately, fires, floods and diseases can lead to your business being out of commission for some time. Again, your UC system will allow you and your team to stay connected and collaborating from home, or anywhere else you happen to be working.

And as if we didn’t say it enough times above, Unified Communications including Hosted PBX and Managed Voice services are a way for businesses to blend all of their telecommunications needs to drive productivity up and keep costs down.

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