Embracing a Digital Future: Powering Growth through Digital Transformation

January 30, 2024

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In the rapidly evolving world of document management, print and communication, the landscape is constantly shifting beneath our feet. Ongoing and recent data reinforces a dramatic picture of this digital transformation. Yet in this time of change, there lies a tremendous opportunity for businesses to embrace innovation and strategic changes that can power growth and profitability.

The Evolving Role of Print in a Digital Age

A 2023 Gartner survey of enterprise print spending reflects a five-year CAGR decline of 3.5% through 2027. This trend isn’t just a decline in traditional printing; it’s a signal directing us toward a digital future. Print will continue to be a pivotal part of business, as will an ongoing, evolving approach to digital transformation to continually meet the needs of businesses and customers alike. A colleague once said, “I love the feel of paper and print. There’s a magic in it that screens can’t capture.”

In this new era, where print becomes less frequent, its value increases. Each printed document now carries more significance. Konica Minolta recognizes this evolution, offering dynamic managed print programs that acknowledge print’s enduring charm and optimize its strategic use in a business context. It’s about choosing the right moments and messages to commit to paper, making each print count.

The Transition to Digital Communication

Parallel to the evolving print landscape, the U.S. Postal Service FY23 report indicated the decline in First-Class Mail volume – a drop of 3.4% in 2022 and over 6% in 2023 – signaling a broader shift in communication methods. The move away from physical mail toward digital mediums is now beyond a trend and represents a fundamental change in how we communicate.

More now than ever, businesses of all shapes and sizes are using intelligent automation and electronic workflow solutions that redefine how they communicate with customers, staff and those they serve. These tools are not mere replacements for traditional methods but enhancements, bringing newfound speed, efficiency and capability to share and process information.

Addressing the Rising Costs of Traditional Operations

The Productivity and Costs third quarter 2023 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the unit labor costs in the nonfarm business sector decreased 1.2% in the third quarter of 2023, a 3.9% increase in hourly compensation, and a 5.2% increase in productivity —unit labor costs have increased by 1.6% over the last four quarters. These statistics underscore the importance of further driving productivity and profitability with automation and overcoming the critical challenges of higher compensation rates facing current business operations. Rising costs can hinder growth and competitiveness; however, Konica Minolta offers Business Process Outsourcing and document scanning services to help get the work done more efficiently than asking your current staff to do more or trying to find staff during a tight labor market. These services are not just about managing costs but about transforming operations – making them more efficient, less labor-intensive and more adaptable to the demands of the digital age.

Konica Minolta: A Partner for the Future

Konica Minolta’s suite of solutions is comprehensive and forward-thinking. By embracing digital transformation, businesses can ensure they are not just coping with the changes but can stay ahead of the curve. From optimizing the strategic value of print in a digital world to empowering digital communication, we can help your business future-proof its operations.

The shift toward digital document management and collaboration processes is an undeniable reality. With the proper guidance and support, this shift becomes an opportunity for businesses to innovate, grow, and excel. Embracing digital transformation with a trusted advisor means adapting and thriving in change. By capturing the enduring magic of print and the dynamic potential of access to documents anywhere, anytime, you can power growth through digital transformation and so much more!

Ron Thompson Jr
Vice President, Intelligent Information Management

Ron Thompson Jr is the Vice President and General Manager of Konica Minolta’s Intelligent Information Management (IIM) Practice. In his role, Ron is focused on ensuring his team is passionate about what they do, and that clients value the solutions and services Konica Minolta provides. These crucial objectives of customer and employee satisfaction are what drive Konica Minolta’s IIM culture. Using these ideologies, Ron has built a core foundation that has allowed the practice to adapt and evolve in the rapidly changing technological industry. His role is accountable for the entire IIM practice, including, but not limited to, sales, delivery, support and the overall P&L of the practice.

Ron has spent more than 28 years helping organizations of all sizes as they begin their digital transformation (DX) and Intelligent Process Automation Journeys. He joined Konica Minolta in January of 2019 as Vice President of Sales, and shortly after was promoted to the Vice President of the IIM Practice. Before joining Konica Minolta, Ron owned a company focused on DX and Intelligent Process Automation solutions, and successfully sold that organization in late 2012. Ron resides just outside of Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Sara, and their two children. When not working, Ron enjoys many outdoor actives with his family (water sports, camping, off-road adventures) and keeping up with his wife, daughter and son with their daily activities.