Enhancing Our Customer Experience with the MyKMBS App

May 3, 2017

MyKMBS appToday’s customers are in control, and they choose when and how they interact with companies. Mobile devices, social networking and the cloud are driving widespread change in personal and workplace communication. Who hasn’t done their banking on their phone or taken to Twitter to voice their pleasure (or displeasure) with their airline?

This shift has changed expectations for customer service. Customers expect a consistent, integrated and seamless multi-channel customer service experience that they can manage right from their phone or tablet. Companies must be nimble enough to keep up with customer preferences and enable customer service via mobile devices.  And, research shows that customers prefer self-service now more than ever and want to be in control of their accounts 24 / 7.

Konica Minolta has listened to our customers’ needs for virtual customer service. Our customer journey mapping analysis illuminated the need for us to expand our own digital customer service experiences beyond our MyKMBS.com customer portal to meet their needs, leading us to launch our new MyKMBS mobile app. The MyKMBS app is a game changer. Available for both iOS and Android devices, it can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. Customers can now manage their devices while on the go, right from their smartphones!

Our customers want interactions that are easy, fast and reliable – and our app delivers. Getting started is simple. A customer can use their MyKMBS.com log-in to access the app. They then have four options for locating their equipment: scanning the bar code on the Konica Minolta label on the front of their bizhub® device, entering the equipment ID or serial number, using GPS to find all devices within a five-mile radius of their phone or finding their device from their MyKMBS.com Watch List.

Once their device is located, they can begin managing it – from anywhere at any time, truly moving forward our vision of the Workplace of the Future™. They have the freedom to initiate a service call, order supplies or enter a meter read for their bizhub®. Tracking supply orders and meter history is available, too. A feedback option allows customers to let us know how they like the app and how we can make it better, because it is all about the customer’s experience.

Making it easy to do business with Konica Minolta helps drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our MyKMBS mobile app shows our continued commitment to improve our customers’ experience with innovative, engaging and easy-to-use technology. Successfully launched in March, the app has been rapidly adopted by our customers. Within the first hour, 110 customers had already downloaded the app. That same day we received our first feedback with a 5-star Android review!

Giving customers the option to use their phone to talk to us to order supplies – or not to – is now their choice. We will continue to listen to our customers so that we can design for their version of the Workplace of The Futureä. After all, work is not where you are. It’s what you get done. And that includes requesting service or ordering supplies no matter where you are.

Download the MyKMBS app for Android or for iOS today.

Melissa Prew
Customer Experience Manager

Melissa Prew is responsible for developing strategies to improve the Konica Minolta customer experience by gathering voice of the customer intelligence and recommending and leading change initiatives to facilitate a customer-centric cultural focus. She has over 15 years of marketing experience, specifically focused on marketing strategy, improving customer satisfaction, and customer research. She enjoys singing in a competitive a cappella chorus, hiking and reading.