Why Cloud-Based Video Security Is Here For Good

November 16, 2021

For my most recent birthday, my daughter bought me a great tee shirt. The caption, “Make it a Blockbuster Night,” accompanies an illustration of the storefront. Most of us remember the excitement of making a trip to pick up a movie… or three. Good times. Fast forward to 2007, Netflix introduces streaming services. What? So, now I can order movies and shows, and they are delivered over the internet? No trip to Blockbuster? What’s the fun in that?  Well, apparently people found it quite fun to push buttons and enjoy something immediately. Without the ability to quickly react to compete with this new ‘virtual’ interaction, Blockbuster declared bankruptcy in 2010 and closed all corporate-owned locations by 2014.

For those of us in the video security industry, Blockbuster’s story illustrates an early, relatable example of how the cloud can and will replace traditional methods of storing, viewing and sharing data streams.  Further examples may better illustrate the effectiveness of a cloud-based platform. Your banking, shopping, travel planning, calendar, school curriculum and (especially in the past two years) your job have migrated almost completely to cloud platforms. Let’s get to the point: a cloud-based, intelligent Video Management System (VMS), much like other cloud platforms, unlocks numerous benefits to enable a more comprehensive video security strategy.

Let me pause for just a moment to provide some context on video systems.

  • Internet protocol (IP) video cameras differ in many ways from traditional CCTV systems as they offer a decentralized architecture with little-to-no back office server and/or storage. That means a video security system can operate without costly rack-based hardware.
  • IP cameras don’t contain moving parts, making them suitable for almost any environment and less apt to fail.
  • IP cameras provide unparalleled accessibility; images and recordings are stored securely, remotely and are instantly available from practically anywhere.
  • IP VMSs are agile enough to collect other types of data like audio, temperature readings, quality abnormalities, point-of-sale transaction information and more.
  • And, if there are multiple locations separated by just a few or hundreds of miles, IP cameras on a cloud VMS can create one video security platform for optimal oversight of a business’s national or global facilities and operations.

Back to unlocking benefits. The advantages of German-made MOBOTIX cameras – smart multi-purpose devices deployed with a job to do. Operating as independent computers, MOBOTIX devices have their own processors, non-video sensors, two-way audio, onboard storage and programmable analytics, unlike other IP cameras on the market. Built to last, MOBOTIX cameras can perform without failure for a decade or more, even in harsh environments. And, with a variety of models, sensors and lenses, security teams can see more, hear more and know more than they ever anticipated – all with fewer cameras. Best of all, MOBOTIX systems deliver these advanced benefits at the highest U.S. security standards, including NDAA and FCC compliance.

Putting it all together, when MOBOTIX devices and analytics are combined with a powerful cloud VMS, Konica Minolta can tailor a video security solution that not only meets a customer’s objectives but also exceeds them.

For instance:

  • A school’s challenge is gaining an oversight of all entrances or monitoring movement in the parking lots in almost complete darkness. The school can now meet this challenge with security event notifications and audio features to ward off uninvited intruders.
  • A retail chain requires remote oversight of their 1,000 locations without buying 1,000 on-site servers. They can fulfill their goals by allocating video streams to those responsible, counting customer traffic throughout the day and collecting a high-resolution visual record of transactions.
  • A distribution facility that wants to mitigate liability can help safeguard its operations through programmed analytics that ensure compliance to workplace safety protocols, such as wearing personal protective equipment.
  • A manufacturer that wants to better monitor its production line can fulfill its goal from the automated video inspection of outgoing product and the targeted monitoring of temperatures in the work environment to detect and prevent a fire before it ignites.

The upside of cloud-based platforms is evident: the convenient and expedient delivery of information enables businesses to take action faster. With operations accelerating and greater pressure for higher productivity, decision-makers need to re-examine their aging VMS and understand the significant gains in upgrading to better intelligence. Businesses rely on Konica Minolta to provide the guidance they need to design and deploy next-generation solutions that address today’s concerns with smart technology. By developing a comprehensive video security strategy that incorporates network devices, specialized sensors, rule-based analytics and a cloud platform, Konica Minolta can design and deploy next-generation measures that address specific areas of concern and improve peace of mind.

Think of it like this: leave behind the antiquated ‘Blockbuster’ world, and say ‘Hello’ to Netflix-type innovation. Rethink VMS and bring it into this century with the cloud and MOBOTIX devices. Visit us online for more information.

Konica Minolta

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