Digital FAX

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Increase Your Business’ Productivity With Digital Fax

With the FCC no longer supporting Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS), it’s time to cut the copper and reap the benefits of going digital. Digital fax solutions give you flexible send and receive options that help you work smarter and faster, including the ability to automate intelligent routing of incoming faxes.

Modernize and Save Money

  • No expensive MFP fax kits
  • No analog/VoIP telephone lines
  • No monthly contracts
  • No additional hardware/software

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Benefits of Digital Fax

High availability with redundancy
Greater security/enhanced encryption
Increased uptime
Fax usage reports
Only web browser and internet required
Reduced help desk calls
HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant
No inbound/outbound conflict

Rethink Digital Fax

Have you ever considered whether it’s better to use POTS or PANS? If you think we are talking about cooking, then check out this blog from Luke Emerson, National Director of Sales Enablement & Professional Services, that puts a creative spin on understanding what’s the best fax option for you.

Increase costs for POTS lines

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