Print Management

Control Your District or Campus Printed Output

Bring accountability and control of printed output to your district or campus and you’ll be amazed at how much money and resources you’ll save. Our education print management services and device management solutions will help you easily accomplish this.

Tracking and managing or allocating the cost of print/copy jobs to the appropriate grant, contract, or department can be a very labor-intensive process. 

Schools and universities want to print with minimal IT involvement, complete visibility, and top-notch security. Moreover, it all needs to be easy for students, faculty, and staff to print  while promoting sustainable, cost-effective habits. 

Within K-12, use of Google Workspace/Chromebooks, minimal IT staff, support,  requests racking up more hours than the day allows and sensitive documents that need securing before, during, and after print can all be managed with our print management solutions. 

Within higher education, universities and colleges have complex print environments where students, faculty, and staff bring various campus devices. They need to print quickly and securely, scan and digitize documents, and recover costs for students’ print and copy jobs. If your college or university has massive print costs to reduce and recover, students and staff who want to print from their mobile devices, a need for digitized documents and easy integration, and sensitive documents that need securing before, during, and after print, then Konica Minolta has a solution for you!

Solutions and Services


White boards, iPads and apps are common classroom tools. Our suite of solutions makes mobile printing and collaboration easy.

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Security and Compliance

Student records and course content are valuable and vulnerable. We offer lock-down protection with FERPA-compliant safeguard services.

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IT Services

Our certified engineers can assist you with adopting new technologies to keep you school relevant in a changing world.

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