IT Security for Law Firms

Legal IT Security

IT security threats include malware, data loss and corruption, loss of productivity due to IT systems failure, and loss of reputation. Because the nature of IT risks is constantly evolving, it can be difficult for your firm to handle IT risk assessment and proactively secure its network.Law firms are being held to similar regulatory compliance measures as your clientele and it has become critical for you to be aware of the latest and most destructive threats, best practices and industry standards such as mapping to security frameworks such as NIST or ISO27001. Through All Covered’s security practice we can consult with your firm and establish procedures and policies so you can confidently ensure your clients and partners that you are in accordance with industry best practices and regulations. We’ll help your firm meet your required standards through vulnerability assessments and testing to determine your baseline and the make recommendations’ based on Industry Best Practices.

4 Biggest Cyber Security Risk Affecting Law Firms

  1. Phishing Email
  2. Ransomware
  3. Sensitive Data Leaks
  4. Lack of Data Protection Plan (Leading to a Malpractice Suit)