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Introducing our new and exciting virtual events series: Innovation through Digital Transformation. This new series is focused on leveraging both industry thought leaders as well as existing partnerships as we rethink the changing world of work. Backed by innovative technologies, Konica Minolta is paving the way toward redefining digital transformation and the future of work as we know it. Be sure to tune in weekly as we present new topics of interest and share them with your customers/prospects. Get started now.

  • Spaces, Technology and People: How the Digital Workplace Impacts Culture and Governance

    September 23, 2021   1:00 PM ET

    Join us and our special guest, Digital Anthropologist Giles Crouch. He specializes in helping organizations analyze past trends to affect future change.

    We'll cover topics like:

    "Email Health Checks": How one email can impact corporate culture, how gossip and office politics happen in the digital workplace, and how to identify those most resistant to change.

    "Corporate Governance": Why corporate by-laws need to be constantly updated for board directors, and how leaders can create sensible HR policies to deal with a digital world beyond just social media.

    "Ethnography in the Digital Workplace": Gain actionable insights distilled from over a decade of Giles’ anthropological studies of the modern workplace.

    Before you start your next IT project or digital transformation, learn how you can leverage these findings to maximize employee buy-in, craft change management strategies and deploy with the highest chance of success.

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