Virtual Events


Introducing our new and exciting virtual events series: Innovation through Digital Transformation. This new series is focused on leveraging both industry thought leaders as well as existing partnerships as we rethink the changing world of work. Backed by innovative technologies, Konica Minolta is paving the way toward redefining digital transformation and the future of work as we know it. Be sure to tune in weekly as we present new topics of interest and share them with your customers/prospects. Get started now.

  • Launch Day: AccurioPress C4080 Series

    December 2, 2020   12:00 PM ET

    Join us LIVE for the next virtual event in our Changemakers Series from our Customer Engagement Center located in Ramsey, New Jersey. Kicking off with an intimate fireside chat with our SVP of Product Management & Planning, Dino Pagliarello, and our special guest — German Sacristan, Director of the Production Print & Media group at Keypoint Intelligence, the event will take a deep-dive into print industry challenges, trends and opportunities. This will be followed by the exciting debut of the NEW AccurioPress C4080 Series - the cut-sheet digital press that will take your production to the next level.

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  • Innovative Digital Transformation Series

    The Future of Collaboration

    December 3, 2020   12:00 PM ET

    There has been a significant shift in the “traditional” workplace over the past decade. Remote users have increased exponentially, catapulting businesses into an accelerated digital transformation. As we head into this new remote workforce, the need for seamless collaboration technology working together with corporate managed infrastructure is more imperative than ever. Join Dropbox’s Business Development Manager, Richard Zee and Konica Minolta’s RVP, Global Client Sales, Aaron Mounts as they share how businesses can reform their company cultures to meet the demands of an evolving workforce, while creating ways to support productivity and reduce communication gaps.

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  • Innovative Digital Transformation Series

    Growing Your Business with Label Printing

    December 8, 2020   1:00 PM ET

    Please join us to meet two industry thought leaders from Cyberchrome Print Solutions in Connecticut and EF Marketing Group from Texas. Each will talk about their expansion into new markets and how they have grown their businesses with label printing.

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  • Innovative Digital Transformation Series

    5 Features to Better Optimize Day-to-Day Document Processing (Using the new Dispatcher Phoenix Base License)

    December 10, 2020   12:00 PM ET

    Bureaucracy. Habit. Redundancy. These contribute to employees completing unnecessary tasks. As organizations have continued to transition their employees to remote work, there’s a pressing need to establish end-to-end digital processes. Even with process digitization, there’s still a considerable amount of manual document processing tasks that needs to be accomplished. These manual tasks tend to be error-prone, slowing people down, and wasting valuable time that they could spend on more high-value tasks.

    Workflow automation allows us to minimize, if not completely remove, time-consuming, redundant and manual steps from the digital document processes. During this 60-minute virtual event,we'll walk through how Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Phoenix can improve process automation with intelligent routing capabilities, how organizations can employ advanced document processing features to bolster productivity and streamline data identification and extraction to improve accuracy.

    Whether you're creating a simple scan to cloud workflow, or a more advanced workflow for document classification, employing workflow automation with Dispatcher Phoenix provides more enhanced workflow capabilities. We'll end the event by exploring 5 common workflows and an interactive Q&A session. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn more about how Konica Minolta can empower organizations to meet their processes digitization goals using workflow automation.

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  • Innovative Digital Transformation Series

    Forza: Connected Fleet Management

    December 10, 2020   1:00 PM ET

    Connect your entire field service management value chain with innovative technology and gain a deep understanding of customer needs. Having the right tools to manage field service efficiently and safely is more important than ever, with state of the art field service management you can guarantee an amazing customer experience.

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  • Labels & Packaging Day

    January 13, 2021   12:00 PM ET

    Join us for this virtual event and Rethink what is possible when printing labels & packaging. Discover the endless opportunities in this rapidly expanding market that will grow your business. Listen, learn, and see for yourself how our digital printing technologies inspire new ideas that will be changemakers for your bottom line! Contact your local production print expert for more information.