Variable Data Printing (VDP) Services


The printing industry moves at a rapid pace, making technology that increases efficiency highly valuable. Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a method that uses digital data to automatically change the information being printed without starting a new cycle. With VDP, businesses can print a batch of forms that share a common template but contain varying text, graphics and images. For instance, a business can print dozens of invitation letters with unique mailing addresses all at once.

VDP services have matured over the years and now can produce eye-catching documents faster than ever. Static forms have become completely dynamic audience-of-one documents. What was once the domain for transactional print has now become an extension of marketing.

VDP is here to stay and Konica Minolta provides the most powerful, most flexible and easiest to use solutions in this space.

VDP Software From Konica Minolta

VDP is about differentiation. While traditional transactional applications still exist in large volumes, the power behind today’s VDP is all about marketing. Marketers seek to differentiate their approach to potential clients.

Think about your own mailbox. When direct mail reaches your mailbox, do you act on every piece received? Of course not. Items that speak to your interests, demographic, even color preferences, attract your attention stand a chance while the static “spray and pray” pieces just are thrown in the trash.

Response rates on generic direct marketing pieces run less than 0.8%. It takes a lot to get a potential customer to engage with a call to action. But how many of those targets do you need to actually convert to one sale? 50, 100, 1000?

Response rates for an audience of one direct marketing campaign can reach 12 percent to 15 percent and higher. Taking into account the interests, demographics, past purchase patterns, and lifestyle of a target audience creates differentiation. This differentiation separates traditional mail from effective, targeted consumer marketing.

Konica Minolta’s EngageIT VDP services provide easy-to-use powerful tools that leverage industry-standard design software. Differentiation from the pack was never easier to achieve.

Why Work With Konica Minolta for VDP Services?

VDP is growing as a viable solution for businesses, so choose a provider with the expertise to develop a user-friendly program for your company. Responses and conversions depend on mailers that grab the reader's attention. VDP services produce mailers with eye-catching colors at a faster rate than ever before. VDP enables accurate printing job after job, meaning your business will use its materials and capital wisely. Choose our VDP services to reduce your environmental impact and overhead costs. When you work with Konica Minolta, you'll benefit from our decades of experience developing software that helps businesses improve profitability. We understand the industry and stay on the leading edge so our customers benefit from the latest advancements. Our representatives will work closely with you to understand your business's needs and develop a solution-based plan that's unique to you. We prioritize transparency and accountability in all of our services, so our customers can count on us for satisfactory results.

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Variable Data Printing makes it easier for businesses to take charge of their mail campaigns. At Konica Minolta, our experts design high-quality VDP software that businesses can integrate at an affordable price. For more information on how our programs can benefit your business, request a quote and start a conversation with our team about your needs.

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