HITECH & HIPAA Compliance


Civil penalties for HIPAA violations are reaching into the millions - and those dollars can be better spent improving patient and health outcomes. Violations and fines associated with PHI breach can also damage long-established public trust and may even lead to jail time. That's why maintaining a secure, compliant health data environment is so important. Download Full-Line Brochure

To help covered entities such as providers and business associates meet this challenge, Konica Minolta's Healthcare platform includes HITECH & HIPAA consulting services that can drive an effective HIPAA compliance program, mitigate potentially damaging phi breaches and ensure that patient confidentiality is protected -- all without adding extra personnel to your payroll.

HIPAA, HITECH Breach Notification and HITECH Meaningful Use require healthcare organizations to conduct or review their security risk assessment, implement information security updates as necessary and identify security deficiencies. A thorough risk analysis includes data collection on document workflow:

  • Identification of potential risks and threats
  • Assessment of current patient information security measures
  • Determination of the likelihood and level of security threats
  • Final documentation of risk assessment

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Consider these benefits offered by our HIPAA consultants: