Law Firm Technology


Compliance issues have grown more complex. Security demands are continually increasing. Environmental sustainability concerns are paramount. IT infrastructure needs are always evolving. To meet these challenges, legal professionals like you are turning to Konica Minolta to help raise the bar to manage their firms with our law firm software and services.

Konica Minolta assists legal departments of all sizes to work smarter and more efficiently with solutions and services designed to streamline data and document management. All Covered, our IT Services Division, can help you prepare for IT security threats including malware, data corruption and loss of productivity due to IT systems failure, and loss of reputation.

We have also designed breakthrough eDiscovery solutions that lead the charge against black box eDiscovery. We’ve helped clients through the complexities of eDiscovery with a stellar track record – and we can do it for you, too. Our experts have experience recovering deleted data, confirming the deletion of data by a user and confirming the theft of intellectual property.