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Organizations need to safeguard their data in ever-expanding areas in order to avoid costly and time-consuming data breaches that can halt operations and result in financial penalties. It’s critical today for businesses to have a document and data security strategy as comprehensive as the number of touchpoints that a company’s data passes through.

Sensitive information can be breached at several vulnerable points of access in a company's network. MFPs and other end point devices may hold resident data and information that can be targeted for "hacking". Many IT departments may not have the ability to ensure machine security across the wide range of devices in their organization, so it is important for such devices to be equipped with automated security process capabilities.

We address the risks of data passing through bizhub MFPs and related systems with tools like hard drive lock passwords, hard drive encryption, automatic deletion of temporary image data, and data overwrite of electronic documents on a timed basis. MFPs can be set to add security stamps, including watermarks or overlay images. Unauthorized copies can be identified through their date, time, and MFP serial numbers.

Document and data security solutions are tailored to the needs of your document-intensive industry. The bizhub SECURE family of services includes bizhub SECURE Healthcare, built to provide healthcare organizations with an MFP that complies with HIPPA technical requirements regarding protected health information. bizhub SECURE Platinum is an enhanced service that provides added focus on the requirements of PCI for Finance and FERPA for Education. AccurioPRO SECURE provides the known and trusted document and data security solutions of bizhub SECURE to our Production Print line of devices.

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