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IDC, a leader in IT market research and advisory, recently released a market share report for its “MarketScape: Worldwide Print Transformation 2020 Vendor Assessment.” Konica Minolta was sited at the top of the leader’s category for worldwide print transformation. Though our roots engrained with being a MFP/printer vendor, it is noted that we’ve also made considerable progress in repositioning as a managed services company, delivering workplace solutions including hardware, managed services, and business process automation integrated into an Intelligent Connected Workplace.

We’re Paving The Way Toward Innovative Digital Transformation

Through our Intelligent Connected Workplace, we are using state-of-the-art technologies to connect people with intelligently analyzed data, identify and address customers' expanding needs, and continue to manufacture high-quality products.

The report highlights several contributing factors to our business success and the overall company vision as we pave the way forward toward innovative digital transformation. 

“Customers seeking more than just a refresh of their printer/MFP portfolio and more of a vision of the workplace's evolution into the future may want to consider Konica Minolta. The company's vision remains true to its print/copy roots, but its value proposition extends well beyond this capability to delve into a wider range of how work will be conducted in the future with information and document management technologies and services.”

In this report, you’ll learn more about:
• Konica Minolta's offering and strategy, focusing on key strength areas
• Integrating core business activities into innovative transformation 
• IDC MarketScape's recommendations for consideration, and more.

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