Intelligent Connected Workplace


At Konica Minolta, we believe work is about people, the physical spaces they work in, and technology - from hardware to software. Often these pillars that make up the world of work are treated as separate entities. However, by connecting them effectively, we can create the Intelligent Connected Workplace.

The intelligent connected workplace is a dynamic and digitally transformed work model. We believe that by connecting disparate data points, you can enable smarter ways of working and better corporate insights, ultimately driving digital transformation for future changes in the workplace.

We emphasize finding services that are built around you and how you work; putting you in control of your future office solutions to be more intelligent, collaborative, productive and secure. As such, when we talk about the intelligent connected workplace, we’re offering you a future. And getting there is achieved via an integrated portfolio of customizable services.



At Konica Minolta, we understand that the human need to collaborate is hardwired in us, and while virtual technology is a great facilitator, it's not a replacement. Instead, we advocate for a change in workplace practice, so that the next generations of employees are enabled by technology to make the most of their physical locations.

With the intelligent connected workplace, we’re rethinking the traditional 9-5 to provide access to information and resources in flexible and creative ways. For businesses, this means providing a consistent and unified experience for workers via easy tools to collaborate, learn and do. Whether you are looking for on-premise, remote, or hybrid working solutions, we can provide bespoke service packages to make both physical and virtual spaces feel intuitive and seamless.

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Technology and evolving working policies have enabled a flexible practice that means we’re no longer tied to perceiving success from physical visibility, and need to support businesses with desk, remote, and distributed workers. Our unique bundling of hardware and software workplace solutions help enhance our collaboration and productivity no matter where or what your employee needs to succeed.

Accenture's Technology Vision 2021 whitepaper endorses our vision of the intelligent connected workplace by promoting the need for ‘Technology Democratization’, which focuses on making powerful tools available to employees without requiring special skills to use it, alongside the reality of ‘BYOE’ (bring your own environment) - meaning that associates have access to the same on-premise environment, wherever they are working.

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With continued innovation in AI, machine learning, and IoT, decision support from intelligent systems is no longer a sci-fi dream. Connecting disparate data points means technologies like these can be deployed anywhere, and using real-time insights can help businesses make faster and better decisions.

This is where the workplace becomes truly connected to the individual, with strategic decisions being facilitated by technology and allowing human-led creativity and collaboration take center stage. Spaces will react to our moods and needs, increasing our well being and helping us to do more and better things. This is the intelligent connected workplace.


The intelligent connected workplace creates a whole new way to go to work - it is no longer about where you go, and instead about what you get done. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud or mobility offerings, our portfolio of innovative solutions bring that excitement to your business, promoting greater collaboration and productivity, improved efficiency and heightened security. Rethink the workplace, so it works for you.

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