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Create A Rich Sensory Experience

A key emerging trend in the print, publishing, and packaging industries is the growing success of service providers using digital enhancement technology to embellish and decorate color ink output. By doing so, printers strengthen both their bottom line revenues and their customer relationships.

A beneficial result of these new developments will be growing market awareness about new types of “sensory-based” print applications designed to create a memorable impact in a world of omni-channel communications. The tactile and optical special effects represent a powerful new way to use print as an information medium.

Learn how one MGI JETvarnish 3D PSP transformed printed materials from commodity, price-sensitive offerings to higher-value products that command a premium.

Feel The Print And Dazzle With Embellishment

The primary driver for adoption of digital print enhancement technology has been the value it brings to make marketing communications output stand out from the clutter by engaging the target audiences’ interactive and sensory perceptions. Adding texture and foil to graphic design helps create a more dynamic, eye-catching impact. It also helps to stimulate bio-chemical instinctual responses that lead people to reach out and “touch” the enhanced printed product. Many scientific research studies have shown that the relationship of consumers to physical objects (such as enhanced print output) is much deeper, richer and more meaningful than virtual communications (like emails, text messages, and videos).

It Is So Easy

MGI JETvarnish 3D presses produce 100% digital print enhancements — dramatic 2D/3D dimensional Spot UV varnishes with foil highlights for applications on hundreds of substrate surfaces, including paper, plastic, and synthetic stocks.

One of the more revolutionary impacts of digital enhancement is its application to a variety of print media according to customer need, interest, and budget. For example, JETvarnish 3D customers have used the technology to increase margins and revenues on standard commercial printing applications like brochures, business cards, invitations and stationery — as well as getting into profitable new markets like book publishing, packaging and point-of-sale (POS) merchandising projects. MGI digital special effects help printers energize their customers’ brand campaigns resulting in highly profitable new application revenue streams.

Adding Value To Digital Printing

NAPCO Research conducted a research study to define the opportunity printing enhancements and embellishments offer print service providers and their customers. Download the full report here.

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