Avoiding A Cyber-Hostage Crisis

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Given the limited capabilities of traditional perimeter firewall and VPN solutions to protect against remote threats, companies need new security measures, levels of expertise, and technologies to protect their assets. The good news is that you can build on existing measures and solutions to achieve a higher level of security.

Cybersecurity Should Not Be an Afterthought

A recent poll conducted by Konica Minolta to IT decision-makers in the United States shows the extent to which security threats have become a widespread challenge for businesses.

  • Over half of the companies surveyed (54%) state security and data protection as a major IT challenge
  • 49% say they have had a security breach within their organization’s IT in the past two years
  • One in six companies has experienced a severe ransomware incident in the past two years
  • 35% attribute a virus, malware or general security threat specifically to the COVID-19 pandemic situation

Our free e-book in partnership with Microsoft 365 covers how to assess your security performance, ways to lower your ransomware risk, the importance of endpoint security, and how to embrace the opportunities of digitization securely.

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