Creating workflows that work

There’s no looking back to the traditional work environments of the past. Digital transformation has been accelerated in recent years and business owners must embrace the exciting path forward. Prioritizing and investing in digitization and automation throughout their business are paramount. Today’s work environment is about people, the physical spaces they work in, and the technology they use – from hardware to software. With these key elements integrated successfully, a unified and dynamic work environment will then be created for your employees, who are ultimately driving the success of your business.

Unlock the potential of a connected workplace

Even with the most advanced technology tools and systems available, there is still high value in the connectivity of people. Konica Minolta is a global industry leader who fully understands how processes and systems integrate with how people work, in addition to the transparency they often need. We help small businesses unlock their potential and ensure that the technology tools they invest in are increasing the productivity of their workforce.

Highlighted Solutions

Step out of your comfort zone to take a deep dive into your existing processes and systems. Are they optimally integrated with your employees’ day-to-day tasks? Are they providing the most efficient automated workflows for your business? Are your employees getting the flexibility and transparency they need within your systems and each other? If you’re not certain, now is a great time to partner with us and discover new solutions to unify the people, processes and systems in your business.

All Covered Assurance

Eliminate the need for multiple platforms that can stall and/or delay communication and collaboration in your workflows. All Covered Assurance is the comprehensive turnkey platform that provides the complete IT engagement experience, ensuring user productivity, system readiness, data availability and complete security with total visibility and governance across the IT landscape.  Simplify your IT management by integrating all the fundamental tools, services, and applications in a single intelligent platform to keep businesses running efficiently and increasing productivity.

IT Tech Assurance

Ensuring your business is equipped with the right technologies that will connect your employees to your systems – from anywhere at anytime – is crucial to your success. In order to keep up with rising metrics for productivity and customer satisfaction while maintaining cybersecurity, it pays to partner with an organization with the experience to help your business scale quickly and efficiently.. All Covered’s IT Tech Assurance practice will do the work to tailor and customize optimal devices, applications, and/or data IT solutions, so you don’t have to worry about disruption within your organization as your workforce grows. We’ll help you determine and acquire the hardware and software you need to increase productivity and provide the flexibility your workforce needs.

Unified Communications

Do missed calls, disparate systems, fluctuating expenses or infra-structure maintenance sound familiar? If so, then you’re not taking advantage of software-based communication solutions that will increase productivity, not cause disruptions and delays. This can change with Unified Communications. When it’s time to upgrade, modern solutions offer additional communication perks beyond simply voice. Instant messaging, presence, video calling and collaboration tools give you the business capabilities needed to operate optimally and at maximum productivity.


The adoption of cloud infrastructure and applications has become essential to running a remote hybrid workplace so your employees are connected to the data and documents they need. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, let us help you leverage the power of cloud so your business can securely access the data and information and make decisions quickly and efficiently. By partnering with us, our team of cloud experts can assess your current environment and how it compares to the industry standards, and collaboratively work with you to build a cloud strategy and solution that is scalable and optimized for your business needs both now and into the future.

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