Finishing Automation Solutions

Is The Job Really Completed?

Finishing efficiency can make or break your business’ profitability. The greatest value add is typically provided to print during the finishing phase. However, small mistakes can translate into entire print runs being spoiled, requiring re-runs that cost time and money. Konica Minolta helps you produce beautiful, accurate finished product with finishing automation solutions.

Are Your Finishing Capabilities Limited?

Print speed and efficiency are irrelevant if finishing capacity is limited. Prior to becoming the finished product, work in process (WIP) is just expended effort. Print planning and execution using a sound finishing strategy, and with appropriate automation, turns WIP to finished product quickly. From imposition to ganging, and whether you’re using JDF or manual job tickets, Konica Minolta helps you solve finishing automation challenges. Our wide variety of automation solutions can optimize your finishing flow and error proof critical steps like guillotine cutting, an area where just one mistake can cause an entire job to be re-run. Increased automation can reduce QA steps and eliminate costly mistakes, ensuring your products get out the door more accurately and efficiently.

The Benefits of Automated Finishing

Automated Setup & Imposition:

Utilize workflow mapping to establish the best imposition solution and drive automated devices capable of taking advantage of it.

Finish Proofing:

A simple URL back to the client allows you to preview not only spot color and foil with amazing lifelike effects, but even the most complex folds can be easily previewed in an exciting 3D view.

Dynamic Barcodes:

Track jobs and automate finishing to properly manage the integrity of the final document.

Complete Integration:

Integrate seamlessly with Konica Minolta’s Production Management suite to provide detailed reporting on production and error rates.

Job Grouping:

Manage jobs individually or as groups to best speed finished pieces through the process and stay ahead of SLAs.

No-Adjust Guillotine Accuracy:

State of the art cameras and preprocessing of the printed file allow the most inexperienced cutting staff to not make a mistake, even compensating for stretch of the paper automatically!