Managed Information System (MIS) Solutions

The Changing Face Of Managing

Print, mail, fulfillment and marketing services push the envelope for many traditional MIS solutions in the marketplace. The operational- and information-based challenges of today’s graphic communications provider require a whole new set of tools to help you efficiently manage your operation.

From tablet-based reporting to interactive performance collection systems, Konica Minolta is providing complete solutions that work with your entire manufacturing cycle. Our MIS solutions are flexible, providing immediate actionable data. From inventory management, purchasing, scheduling, postal accounting, proofing, estimation, billing, cost and reporting, Konica Minolta provides one platform with flexible APIs to tie in to existing products.

With both on-premise and cloud solutions, your entire operation or multi-location facilities can be managed from anywhere in the world using a web browser. Operations and sales reps alike can have access to the relevant information they need, when they need it. Gone are the confines and monolithic rigidity of traditional MIS systems. Embrace the new MIS with complete print, mail, fulfillment and marketing services capabilities.

Consider these benefits of MIS solutions

Custom Dashboards:

Each employee can easily manage daily activities through the use of customized work queue dashboards.

CRM Integration:

We integrate CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, for you. On a single page, CSRs can manage every job phase on a single screen.

Estimation, Ordering & Billing:

Whether you operate on a cost center basis or bill external clients, our print and mail MIS solution helps create estimates for jobs and manages the entire process from beginning to end.

Accounting Integration:

We take care of all of your accounting integration needs, supporting most accounting systems – from SMB to Enterprise targeted.

Scheduling & Dynamic Job Boards:

Drag and drop jobs around on the schedule to maximize capacity planning and minimize missed deadlines. View all work in one location and visualize the effects of change.

Inventory Management:

Easily manage and view your inventory online to help maximize productivity as soon as a job hits the production floor.