Web to Print Solutions & Services

A Way to Make a Strong Statement

Web to print is all about the customer experience and impact in the print room. It allows a graphic communications operation to brand itself as “easy to do business with,” while minimizing waste in the print manufacturing process. Leverage automated workflows and you get Konica Minolta’s web to print solutions leveraging years of experience.

Konica Minolta provides the most flexible and powerful suite of web to print solutions in the industry, whether you’re controlling print jobs across multiple facilities, need simple cost- or price-based quoting, or just want to improve communication throughout your facility. Cloud-based solutions can be quickly deployed, saving you time and resources.

In the past, building a web to print storefront (let alone several) was difficult and didn’t drive lights-out production. The barriers to entry are significant. Site design, automating quoting, incorporating e-commerce payments, driving print budget compliance and offering a broad variety of product types from business cards to complete fulfillment are all needed.

Konica Minolta provides powerful, quickly deployable web storefronts with on-premise queue management solutions to close the loop. Drive true web to print, lights-out production by including Konica Minolta’s production management solutions. Build multiple storefronts with ease and incorporate your preferred costing method (cost+, pricing grid, or both). Full PCI certification assures payment security. In-app purchases for demographic-driven mailing lists makes deploying your clients simple direct mail campaigns convenient.

Consider These Benefits of Web to Print Solution and Services

Flexible Storefronts

Quickly create storefronts or use the API to build a complex, fully custom design. CSS support and internal scripting languages make it easy to get the desired look and feel for your site.

Built-in Typesetting Engine

Try typesetting a business card when you’re dealing with double byte fonts, long street names, multiple address lines, etc. Our internal typesetting engine makes laying these out simple.

Targeted List Purchasing & Building

Our mailing engine allows end clients to purchase mailing lists within the storefront that are driven by reliable demographic data from a national provider.

Pricing Model Flexibility

Both cost-plus and price grid pricing models can be used for online estimation. Cost-plus for offset, pricing grids for digital, or a combination of both. The choice is yours.

PCI Certification

Keeping up with laws and certification requirements to process financial transactions shouldn’t be your concern. We take care of it for you with complete PCI Certification.

Lights Out Printing

Reentering ticketing info from your storefront into your MIS system or printer driver is a waste of resources. Konica Minolta provides true lights-out printing with ticket automation and open APIs.