Create Impact with Tactile Embellished Printing

Packaging and labeling is an experience in itself for every customer. Create an incredible strategy for your print clients!

Be Bold in 2024

Digital print enhancement technology helps products stand out from the chaos by engaging the target audiences’ interactive and sensory perceptions. Embellishment has evolved into a key marketing tool, for packaging with specialty printing and enhancement having more than 46% higher quality perception.

Add digital spot UV coating, 3D embossing and hot foil stamping to your production arsenal.  Find out how with bold and bespoke packaging, you can increase market share and become a leading brand.

Bring Digital Printing to Life

Expand your business with value-added services that realize profit margins over 80%. Help your clients build greater brand appeal with breakthrough printed products that create impact and get more results.

Product Marketing can no longer be black and white and your customers are looking for more than traditional CMYK print options.  Sensory print creates a tactile element to printed output that appeals to the senses, primarily touch. If you are looking to grab the attention of your customers sensory print is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Show your customers the importance of creating connections via design. This rapport can be achieved via shared experiences. That physical touch unlocks a myriad of emotions. Start fresh and embrace the lush, luxurious, and intensely unique new ‘new’ trends. To see what exciting possibilities are on the horizon.

The Power of Digital Print Embellishments & AMA With Kester Imaging

The Power Of Digital Print Embellishments And Why Printers Should Offer Them

Richard Kester, owner of Kester Imaging in Arkansas City, Kansas doesn’t operate a large commercial print shop. But his trade printing operation has built a thriving digital embellishments business.

Embellishment day demo showcasing packaging, label, and embellishment.
Boost revenue by giving your clients print customers can see and feel!