Cloud Server Management

Maintaining a Reliable Infrastructure to Maximize Employee Productivity

A secure and protected network needs routine preventative care to minimize security risks that could allow unauthorized access to your network infrastructure.  As data volumes grow and as the value of company and personal data increases, efforts to gain access to it, tamper with it or destroy it have increased exponentially and no one is immune.  Anti-virus and anti-malware is just part of the solution.  Getting server and device controls in place will create a strong base to build out the rest of your infrastructure.

Global Server Market Revenue

The global server market size was valued at USD 83.66 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8% from 2021 to 2028.

The North American market accounted for the largest revenue share of over 40.0% in 2020, followed by Asia Pacific. The presence of several data center and cloud service providers in the region has made North America the largest hosting market with numerous dedicated servers all over the region.

What Is Cloud Server Management?

Cloud server management involves monitoring and controlling a company’s cloud infrastructure with various products and technologies. Typically, cloud management software captures information about cloud performance and activity and sends it to a dashboard where administrators can review it. An administrator can then use the cloud management platform to send commands through the cloud to resolve any issues.

Why Is Cloud Server Management Important for Your Business?

Your business runs on data. Storing that data in the cloud is a great way to keep your files and applications safe while saving time and money. However, without proper management, your business’s cloud environment can easily become chaotic. This mismanagement is known as cloud sprawl, and it can cause your business to be more susceptible to data loss, security threats and costly downtime.

With the right cloud server solutions, you can avoid these issues and create an effective cloud environment. Cloud server management allows your business to:

Improve Productivity

A poorly managed cloud environment creates more work and takes time away from core business tasks. Cloud server management allows you to automate processes, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Cloud management software can detect and resolve problems and send notifications and reports to administrators so your employees don’t have to.

Save Money

Cloud computing costs can skyrocket when your cloud environment isn’t managed properly. Cloud server management helps ensure your environment runs as efficiently as possible, saving you money on cloud expenses and achieving a higher return on investment (ROI).

Reduce the Risk of Data Loss

Cyberattacks, data leaks and other security problems can have major financial and legal consequences for your business. Effective cloud management helps bolster security and reduce the number of data vulnerabilities. A good cloud management strategy typically involves data backup, protecting your data in the event of system failure, a power outage or a natural disaster.

Enhance Visibility

Your business likely has many diverse files, applications and other types of data in the cloud. Cloud server management allows your company to integrate the data hosted in the cloud, making it quicker and easier to access the information you need. This increased visibility can help your team manage your operations, costs and compliance requirements successfully.

Plan Effectively

As your business grows and develops, you need strategies in place to adjust to your changing needs. Cloud management helps you forecast and plan for infrastructure shifts with greater ease and accuracy, ensuring your business always has the cloud capacity it needs.

Our Cloud Server Solutions

All Covered provides business cloud server hosting and other essential solutions to keep your company’s cloud infrastructure organized, protected and secured.

Asset Discovery

Essential to keeping your network secure is tracking the software and devices that access your network infrastructure through either a software agent that can immediately detect an entry to your domain, or regularly-timed scans for IP addresses that can be reviewed and managed.

Endpoint Security

All Covered Endpoint Security is a comprehensive approach that provides anti-virus and anti-malware functionality to protect servers and a wide range of devices. It consumes fewer system resources and can support Windows, Mac, and certain versions of Linux.

Patch Management

In today’s security-conscious environment, offering a flexible and powerful patch distribution and management solution for servers that can also be customized for the needs of our clients is critical to efficiently running any IT infrastructure and preventing issues that could harm your network.

Remote 24×7 Monitoring

Regular monitoring and maintenance can prevent an unplanned server outage that could result in a company-wide loss in productivity and affect the financial bottom-line. The ability to predict, quickly identify and resolve problems within your network infrastructure is imperative in maintaining high availability and network health.


We customize our cloud server solutions to your specific requirements, making your cloud environment easier to use and delivering the best results.

High-Quality Cloud Server Solutions From All Covered

All Covered is your source for effective cloud server solutions. You’ll get customized management services to keep your cloud environment operating safely and efficiently at all times.

If you’re interested in our cloud server management services for your business, reach out to us today for more information.