Digital Workplace

Empower your workforce with digital transformation

At Konica Minolta, we are spearheading the positive disruption of business technologies, with a goal of realizing the intelligent connected workplace powered by people, places and technology.

By connecting devices to information created by employees, we’re able to help organizations simplify disparate systems.

In doing so, organizations are able to create a cognitive center, supporting the establishment of a digital workplace fueled by decision support. We aim to provide that platform to our customers through our services, solutions and products that will change how they interact with their customers and the way they see the workplace.


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Digital Maturity Assessment

What does digital transformation mean for your business? With our free online Digital Maturity Assessment, find out if you have the tools and procedures in place to grow your business and boost its resilience in a digital-first economy.

This assessment has 20 questions, and it should take less than 5 minutes. Once completed, you will instantly receive a customized report to your email with recommendations on how to improve your maturity score.

Accelerate the Transformation of Your Business

At Konica Minolta, we believe work is about people, the physical spaces they work in, and technology – from hardware to software. Often these pillars that make up the world of work are treated as separate entities. However, by connecting them effectively, we can create the Intelligent Connected Workplace. We emphasize finding services that are built around you and how you work; putting you in control of your future office solutions to be more intelligent, collaborative, productive and secure.

Redefining the Workplace

With the intelligent connected workplace, we’re rethinking the traditional 9-5 to provide access to information and resources in flexible and creative ways. For businesses, this means providing a consistent and unified experience for workers via easy tools to collaborate, learn and do. Whether you are looking for on-premise, remote, or hybrid working solutions, we can provide bespoke service packages to make both physical and virtual spaces feel intuitive and seamless.

What is the Intelligent Connected Workplace? Read the blog to learn more.

A Comprehensive Portfolio

From print devices to print services in the cloud, it’s more than just the capabilities – it’s about unwasted time, output and improved productivity. The benefits from the convenience, flexibility, accessibility, efficient sharing of information, security and compliance, customized control and even sustainability, contribute to better workflows and outcomes.

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Ensuring information and asset security while being prepared for future threats is crucial. We provide total security solutions, ranging from physical security to cybersecurity, across all your valuable assets and environments. Our industry-leading measures cover defensive as well as offensive strategies. And with our cloud backup and disaster recovery, you can feel confident that any data loss threat is reduced.

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Maintaining an IT ecosystem can be costly. We look after complex, critical or time-consuming tasks for ongoing IT support needs and provide a complete IT engagement experience. We provide a holistic approach to the management of systems and networks that allow for stability and performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity so you can focus on the core business.

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The cloud gives people the freedom and flexibility to work from any location without the need to run and maintain on-premise devices and infrastructure. We move workloads to a secure and compliant cloud environment and gives businesses the ability to scale as needed, providing control of your data and devices (including your printers).

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Our Application Development team provide companies with easy, streamlined access to a range of different software and applications. This includes convenient packages focused around key areas such as document management, application/ web development and collaboration that is both flexible and tailored to the requirements of the organization.

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Designed to increase workflow efficiency, storage, security and compliance, by leveraging AI technologies and even robotic process automation, Intelligent Information Management focuses on digitizing content so employees can access relevant documents with the ease of a keyword search.

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Future Office Solutions for Every Worker

Technology and evolving working policies have enabled a flexible practice that means we’re no longer tied to perceiving success from physical visibility, and need to support businesses with desk, remote, and distributed workers. Our unique bundling of hardware and software workplace solutions help enhance our collaboration and productivity no matter where or what your employee needs to succeed.

Identify the tools needed to support your hybrid workforce.

Our team will work closely with you to build a plan that fits your goals.
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