Visible Weapon Detection

Detect the Presence of a Firearm

Getting advance warning of the presence of potential safety threats may provide crucial information to prevent or limit entry to buildings and facilities. With the right video security solutions in place, security personnel can take the necessary steps to neutralize threats and keep people and surrounding areas safe. The types of alerts and/or actions to be taken following the detection of a weapon can be customized to quickly alert and mobilize the appropriate team into action.

How Visible Weapon Detection Works

REACT – Visible Weapon Detection (VWD) is a software application that works in concert with a video security CCTV system. VWD systems use object detection algorithms capable of recognizing the distinctive shape of firearms. No special video cameras are required in this process; VWD will work even with basic CCTV systems. The new REACT – Visible Weapon Detection module can work as a standalone solution or be integrated with the REACT platform, and offers algorithms that can be customized for each site.

Because an armed intruder may move rapidly or conceal their while approaching a vulnerable location, a functional requirement of any VWD system is its ability to quickly recognize a weapon and send an appropriate alert within seconds of it becoming visible. Another requirement is the ability to discriminate between a real firearm from a toy gun to reduce “false positive” alerts. VWD systems use a process of constant zooming and verification to allow firearm detection to occur at virtually any angle and range.

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Applications for VWD Systems

It is a sad fact of life that mass shootings are now occurring with alarming frequency in multiple locations where people gather. It seems no one is immune to the violence, and being diligent is the only option. Various locations such as schools, churches, mosques, synagogues, shopping malls, grocery stores, medical facilities, offices and private homes and so many more, can benefit from VWD-equipped video surveillance systems. Konica Minolta’s Video Security Solution provides the speed and accuracy to proactively detect an active shooter, alert security, and enable law enforcement to take action before a tragedy occurs. Mere seconds can mean the difference between life and death in the event of an armed intruder.

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