Dispatcher Phoenix

Advanced Workflow Automation for Any Organization

Processing unstructured documents page-by-page and storing individual files can be time-consuming and counterproductive to your business’ success. With Dispatcher Phoenix, Konica Minolta’s advanced document workflow solution, you can effectively capture and index large volumes of data from paper and digital documents. Now your organization can reduce costs by streamlining labor-intensive, redundant processes.

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Intuitive Digital Workflow

The Dispatcher Phoenix platform is a powerful tool that automates a wide range of processes, which streamlines time consuming operations such as identifying and classifying documents, quickly securing and storing documents as well as converting, processing, and intelligently routing files automatically. With Dispatcher Phoenix, your organization can empower personnel to focus on more strategic and creative tasks by transitioning from manual document processing to digital workflows.

Intelligent Document Processing

Dispatcher Phoenix is designed to allow organizations to create customized workflows to methodically collect, process and distribute documents, files and data. Workflows can be easily configured to address both core document processing tasks such as document renaming, watermarking, and annotation as well as advanced document processing capabilities including document conversion, data extraction, rules-based document process, and more. With direct integrations to the cloud and popular enterprise content management (ECM) software, your organization can prioritize information management.

Benefits of Dispatcher Phoenix

Support Digital Transformation

With core scanning workflows such as Scan-to-Me, Scan-to-Home, and Cloud Storage applications such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and SharePoint Online.

Enhanced Connectivity

Employ digital workflows to connect to business-critical solutions such as fax, email, document management solutions, cloud storage providers, and more.

Maximize ROI

Customizable solutions to reduce your investment in labor-intensive manual tasks.

Increase Productivity

Enable personnel to focus on strategic initiatives and drive morale by minimizing the need for manual document processing.

Drive Collaboration

Streamline document distribution and ensure your documents and data are available instantly.

Promote Growth & Innovation

Quickly and conveniently scale your automation as your business grows and changes.

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