Become a Video Security Superhero

Become a Security Superhero

Whether you need to add-on or upgrade your existing video security system, there are both internal and external factors within your organization to consider. Our latest white paper will get physical security teams started on a successful “superhero” journey. By understanding how the latest intelligent video solutions work to uncover vulnerabilities and fight off ‘security villains,’ you can better implement the right systems that fit with the specific needs of your organization.

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The white paper will help you to:

  • Identify what your security ‘villains’ are relying on, such as legacy technologies!
  • Learn how to apply your favorite superhero quotes to the challenges you face in your ‘multiverse’ (or industry)!
  • Power up — with an explanation of what a ‘security sidekick’ such as Konica Minolta can bring to your fight!

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Break out your inner superhero with… FORXAI!

What’s our origin story, that can prove to you that we’re ready to join your team? Watch how we provide critical actionable information to help you fly in and save the day.

What video security superpowers do you need to protect your organization?

Check out these features and benefits of a complete video security solution:

Secure Access Solutions

Harness an automated suite of tools from secure access to cover your entry and screening requirements, including fast & accurate identity recognition, enhanced privacy & encryption, automated temperature scan, auto check-in, and easy compliance with logging & reporting.

Cloud VMS Solutions

By connecting to the cloud for storage, your video management system can give you the network-view for all of your organization’s MOBOTIX video surveillance cameras – from one site or multiple sites. Enable alerts from your entire network to everyone who needs to get the information.

Visitor Management

Visitor Verification brings WIFI/Bluetooth technology into your sphere of prevention through trackers in registered mobile devices. By registering the legitimate staff, students, visitors etc. your site map can pinpoint the unregistered intruder saving time and improving communications. You are smarter and you give the proper authorities the intelligence that they need for quick problem resolution.

School Security Solutions

With more and more life-threatening situations in our schools and on our college campuses, comprehensive security for your educational institution is all the more critical. We have built a comprehensive solution set for K-12 and higher education that guides you through our series of physical, cyber and support solutions so you can build or augment your current school or campus security. We can provide the latest and most comprehensive security system for your students and faculty.

Video Analytics

Behavior analytics enable actions that can prevent bigger problems. These special features provide a high-level of monitoring information for optimal oversight. From detecting smoke and fire to detection objects left behind or removed.

Intelligent Surveillance – Cameras for Physical Security

MOBOTIX security cameras are an effective, active deterrent using intelligent video surveillance to watch over your assets and staff 24/7. You’ll sleep better knowing your business and its valuables are well protected.

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