Customer Experience Surveys Convey “Voice of the Customer”

February 16, 2016


To develop and deepen our relationships with you, we must understand your needs.   The best way to do that is to ask.  At Konica Minolta, we capture this “Voice of the Customer” in a number of ways.  One of these methods is through a variety of customer surveys.

Our annual customer experience survey is a relationship survey that puts a finger on the pulse of our customers like you at a specific point in time. It also serves as a window into the health of our relationship with you.  We conduct customer experience surveys for different audiences, including office product customers, print production customers and our dealers.

We’ve finished our annual 2015 relationship surveys for these three groups and are in various stages of tallying the results. The questions range from qualifying ones such as, “What best describes your role with Konica Minolta?” to, more importantly, “What is the most important area for us to improve?” For benchmarks, we focus on three KPIs (Key Performance Indicators):

1.    Net Promoter Score (which measures loyalty by asking how likely you would recommend us to a colleague or friend)
2.    Customer Satisfaction (how well did we deliver versus your expectations)
3.    Customer Effort  (how much effort it took for you to interact with us and fulfill your request)

In contrast, transactional surveys are event-driven surveys which give quick insight that can be used to make improvements to business processes.  I’m sure you’ve taken a customer transactional survey after making a purchase or calling a customer service center. Those surveys may be brief, but they can be chock full of vital information to measure your happiness – or unhappiness – with that vendor.

We’re also deploying transactional surveys based on an event, like the installation of a new bizhub in your business.  An email is sent within 24-48 hours after the installation and provides almost real time feedback that helps us improve the installation experience.  Your responses come right into our database and provide visibility to information we can use to effectively “close the loop” with you.

Gathering the voice of the customer helps us identify obstacles that are hampering your success with us.  From your survey responses, we can identify the areas in our processes that need attention – the areas where we’re not hitting the mark.  Identifying the practical steps we can take to provide an easier process allows us to create a more rewarding relationship with you.

Customer experience is one of the areas where we can truly differentiate ourselves. Other companies can copy our products or pricing, but what they can’t readily copy is the experience that you have every day with our brand.

Melissa Prew
Customer Experience Manager

Melissa Prew is responsible for developing strategies to improve the Konica Minolta customer experience by gathering voice of the customer intelligence and recommending and leading change initiatives to facilitate a customer-centric cultural focus. She has over 15 years of marketing experience, specifically focused on marketing strategy, improving customer satisfaction, and customer research. She enjoys singing in a competitive a cappella chorus, hiking and reading.