How ECM Can Move Your Business Toward Digital Transformation

June 20, 2017

Blog-ECM1_resizedThe Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) recently conducted a survey to better understand the needs of businesses regarding information management and whether they’ve made enterprise content management part of their digital transformation in 2017. According to the survey, return on investment (ROI), increased productivity, compliance and risk mitigation are key focus areas for businesses that are looking to better manage their information.

The results noted that 35 percent of respondents experienced ROI of their paper-free projects within one year of launch and , on average, their productivity improved 30 percent. The number of large organizations citing compliance and risk as the largest driver for information management has risen sharply in the past year, from 38 percent to 59 percent.¹

Today’s sales consultants should be able to successfully engage and speak to you about your business’s content management.. However, the one way to determine if that consultant is actually going to help move your business forward is whether or not they ask you how far along is your business in its digital transformation? When discussing an ECM solution for your business, you should be armed with questions make certain that your sales rep has the most appropriate solution for your business.

Here at Konica Minolta we’ve seen that in the content management arena, there are a wide number of common needs (e.g., reducing the reliance on paper and implementing a digital strategy), but various solutions based on the companies’ need, size, transaction volume, growth projections and respective vision for their digital transformation. This is where the effectiveness of online research stops and your most productive research is accomplished in a face-to-face meeting with the sales consultant.

The most important part of this meeting is the information exchange. Both sides need to speak and listen to understand the frustrations of the business. Business understanding and technological expertise play a key role because the communication exchange will be weak if the knowledge is not there. In addition, you need to know your business’ budget and the timeline in which you want to complete the sale and installation. Aside from the approvals you may need, there is also the need to get your IT division’s input and buy in prior to making a purchase and its accessibility during the install.

The success of the ECM solution is measured by the productivity gains that your business realizes. Konica Minolta sales representatives use a phased approach when implementing business solutions like enterprise content management. This entails a train/explain/implement strategy before moving on. It will give your staff greater confidence in the ECM solution at hand and will give you higher productivity gains.

Communication, collaboration and meaningful contact make the sales process for both sides much more successful to move your business further down the transformation highway. Understanding your business’ challenges and listening to your “wish list” gives your sales consultant the direction needed to present to you the best solution possible.

In the end, timing is critical. You must be at the point where you know enough about what you want and need, have a budget and are ready to listen and learn. In the end, you will find yourself traveling confidently down that highway, experiencing greater workflow efficiencies throughout your company, and realizing gains at your bottom line that can be reinvested in other areas of your business when speed bumps in the road emerge.

Konica Minolta

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