Position Your Shop for Success with Digital Print Embellishments

April 11, 2023

Digital print embellishment is the transformational process of adding raised or embossed texture and pattern directly to printed media to enhance the visual or tactile effect and quality of the piece. The memorable magic of digital embellishment happens in the post-press production stage during which flat sheets or rolls of printed substrates are turned into breathtakingly high-end finished pieces. The technology allows for real-time variability in data, precise registration and substantial cost savings for short-run, customized and personalized product, label and packaging applications.

As a viable marketing tool, embellishment elevates print to heighten first-impression emotional connections and brand affinity. In fact, an InfoTrends industry analyst reported in Printing Impressions that print buyers are willing to pay premiums of 24% to 89% over CMYK-only printing if the piece includes embellishments. These buyers also indicated that print embellishment could be applied to enhance a significant amount of their work. Consider these additional statistics:

  • Embellished printed items are 2.5 times more attractive to consumers (FSEA)
  • Packages with print enhancement are viewed as 46% higher in quality (FSEA)
  • 69% of PSPs offer or plan to offer print embellishment to their customers (NAPCO Media)

Digitally powered decorative embellishment continues to be a huge growth area for our industry, particularly due to the acceleration of high-visibility enhancements technology advancements over the past six years. With the widespread availability of integrated, digitally controlled, agile production systems and workflows, there are tremendous opportunities for commercial printers to competitively differentiate themselves – and their customers – while yielding higher profit margins.

And more customers are demanding it.

The democratization of luxury

Embellishment is becoming more mainstream because it’s no longer exclusive and cost-prohibitive. Digital print embellishment makes what was once reserved for premium products now obtainable for all brands, regardless of industry and size, to reap the benefits and rewards. Here are a few tips that can help you reap yours.

Lead with the “wow” factor

Bling makes us happy. All delightful digital customer experiences are foremost about the experience itself, not the technology that enables it. As a consumer, I like a nice watch. But I don’t need to know how to build one nor do I feel compelled to open it up and figure out how this brilliant piece of jewelry was built. My focus is on its look, feel and functionality. Similarly, savvy digital print sellers begin their sales process with the psychology – even when interacting with designers who may eventually want to know more about the technology.

The neuroscience behind the emotional aspects that drive buyer behavior by engaging the senses can’t be ignored. Prove it to yourself by giving this simple test with a customer (or prospect) a try: collect samples of non-embellished print pieces and add a digital embellished piece to the mix; spread them out on a table; and without saying a word, watch their reactions:

  • The first thing they will notice is how it stands out from the rest (the visual appeal).
  • Then they will immediately want to touch it (the tactile appeal).
  • And when they touch it, they will want it (the purchase appeal).

This is where you speak up.

What they have just experienced is exactly what their customers will experience. Beyond showing them the market opportunities and what their competitors are doing in this space, demonstrate what they could be achieving by elevating their existing print work. Support their excitement by imagining the creative possibilities with them. Top off your talk with how this eco-friendly technology fits in their optichannel marketing strategy to achieve better brand experiences, business results and ROI.

A winning trifecta

Digital print embellishment is fast becoming table stakes for brands who want to stand out above the rest. Taking a human-to-human proactive approach to value-added consultative selling of this multisensory solution positions your business as a collaborative partner who helps your customers succeed. Driving greater impact and outcomes for you, your customers and their customers. That’s a win-win-win value proposition you can bet on.

For more information about the digital transformation possibilities in label and package printing and our production printing equipment, please visit Konica Minolta online.

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