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The headlines in the media keep coming, and they’re scary. Businesses in all types of industries are being attacked by cybercriminals to steal sensitive data, compromise operations and even hold data ransom for big money. In fact, cyberattacks and ransomware are at all-time highs, and continue to grow in their prevalence, complexity and recovery expense.

For Operations Protection From All Directions

The solution to helping organizations try to stay ahead of hackers is through penetration testing, which first involves assessing current levels of security to find and fix any gaps. System vulnerabilities can include code mistakes, software bugs, insecure settings, service configuration errors and/or operational weaknesses. Then, depending on the organization’s size and current level of information security requirements, testing can deliberately use cybercriminals’ own methods to safely simulate attacks and determine how well the organization’s systems and applications can fend them off.


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Depth Security: Additional IT Expertise From Konica Minolta

Depth Security is a different type of information security company, founded by a small group of experienced information security engineers and are still run by the same team today. The company culture is deeply anchored in experience, creativity and talent. Unlike many competitors, the people of Depth Security have spent decades in the trenches of IT security, not 50,000 feet up in the clouds.

The Depth Security team rounds out Konica Minolta’s current defensive offering to include offensive capabilities. Following the acquisition of VioPoint, Konica Minolta’s IT Services now has both Blue Team (Active Defense security monitoring, Vulnerability Management) and Red Team (Testing Services and Adversary emulation) capabilities, along with best-in-class Managed Security Awareness Training, Threat Landscape and vCISO services.

5 Reasons For Regular Penetration Testing

Every business needs pen testing at least annually because it:

Finds IT system vulnerabilities before the cybercriminals do
Saves remediation costs and reduces network downtime
Helps to create stronger defense mechanisms and remediation strategies
Ensures compliance with leading security standards required by law
Prevents loss of company reputation and customer loyalty

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