In-Plant Printing

A Production House at Your Fingertips

With professional print production devices, your school, college, or your school college or university can bring large and custom print jobs in-house and develop creative texts, saving the costs of buying materials in order to address specific lessons for your diverse student body.

Given the many different types of print jobs needed within schools and university settings, being able to handle and manage those jobs, while staying relevant and important, is an imperative for in-plant managers. Your in-plant can generate savings and profits for your institution, as well as generate the loyalty needed to keep the in-plant operational. Our suite of solutions for seamless submission of print jobs via the panel of an MFP or a website saves time by reducing back and forth emails to determine specifications required for a print job. We offer  technology that helps in-plants stay relevant in schools, colleges and universities, by saving time and money through taking  large volume print jobs in-house. Wide format prints, and specialized outputs such as banners, graduation programs, event tickets, booklets, pamphlets and other materials can all be handled by our suite of production print and wide format printers.

Job Submission Solutions

Seamlessly send large print jobs like course packs to your in-plant from your desktop or directly from the panel of your bizhub MFP.

Solutions and Services

Print Management

Our managed print services and device management solutions offer cost accounting to monitor, manage and measure activity from a single point.

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Security and Compliance

For vulnerable sensitive data, we offer safeguards like auto delete of printed jobs, temporary data and overwrite and drive encryption.

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IT Services

Our certified engineers can assist you with adopting new technologies to keep your in-plant relevant in a changing world.

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